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July 3, 2018

#INTHEKNOW with Instagram

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA


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Shopping On Instagram

Give your business an interactive storefront with shopping on Instagram. Choose your photos. Tag up to five products per image—or up to twenty products per carousel. Add filters and captions. And you're all set.

Learn more about shopping on Instagram

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Carousel Ads for Stories

Get creative with stories and showcase up to three pieces of content in a single ad with the carousel ad format. It works just the same way as organic stories—letting you tap, swipe and pause the content whenever you'd like.

Find out more about carousel ads for stories

From Feed to Stories, Instantly

Creating ads for Instagram Stories is easier than ever. When you upload creative for Instagram Feed ads in Ads Manager, it’s automatically converted into the full-screen, vertical stories format—making it simple to run ads across both placements.

Learn more about full-screen support for all ads

Scheduled Posts

Using the Instagram Graph API, businesses can now schedule photo posts, keep track of posts it's been tagged in and more.

Learn more about the API’s new features

Trailblazers in Vertical Video

Earlier this year, we challenged a group of six incredible storytellers to each experiment with the vertical canvas and showcase their own unique style using 9x16 video. Across illustration, motion graphics and film, we explored the growing potential of vertical video and its endless creative possibilities. And now, we're excited to announce that our second installment of Instagram Creators will be unveiled at this year's Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

We hope they inspire you to tap into this emerging space and start thinking vertically when creating on Instagram.


Winning with Instagram

High-end luxury lifestyle brand, BALR (@balr), used ads in Instagram Stories to boost awareness and sales over Black Friday. Result: 12.6X return on ad spend.

Teeth whitening company, HiSmile (@hismileteeth), used ads in Instagram Stories and an influencer partnership to connect with young men. Result: 90% increase in male customers.

Premium pet lifestyle brand, Zee.Dog (@zee_dog), used video ads and ads in Instagram Stories to increase its sales on Black Friday. Result: 2.9X increase in sales.

European Excellence

As one of Europe's leading mobile games companies, read how Playdemic is using Instagram Stories to get people to download its newest game.

See how leading mPOS company in Europe, Sumup (@sumup), is using ads in Instagram Stories to generate sales leads.

Learn how L’Oréal Paris Russia (@lorealhair) used Canvas ads in Instagram Stories to showcase its new Semi-Permanent Hair Color among its Russian audience.

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Partnering Up

If you're short on time or need additional help, find an Instagram Partner to help you with everything—from buying ads to sourcing and delivering creative. All Partners are proven experts in their field and vetted by us. Here is an example of how partnership works.

There's a multitude of factors to consider when it comes to investing in real estate. Location, weather, job opportunities, and the list goes on. TheSource helped bring this story to life for real estate client Bouygues Immobilier (@bouygues_immo). Leveraging their content network, TheSource enlisted a content creator to write, film, and edit the Instagram Stories ad.

In addition to the full length creative, TheSource also created 3 shorter cuts to play back to back, engaging viewers to tap through the story. By playing with the stories format, Bouygues Immobilier was able to reach their client in a fun, interactive and relevant way.

Find the right Instagram Marketing Partner to match your needs.

Creative Secrets of Stories

Looking to step up your Instagram Stories game? Follow this creative guide inspired by the Facebook Creative Shop to unlock more ways to share your business with the world. From rainbow text to eraser magic, there are tons of creative tricks your business can uncover and enjoy. You just have to look for them.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA