We Create is a creative collaboration between 15 Black creative professionals and 15 Black-owned small businesses. The program tasked each Creative with making custom Instagram content that addressed their small business partner's unique needs.

The result? 15 stunning examples of the beautiful, best-in-class creative work that’s possible only on Instagram.

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Made in collaboration with The Creative Collective NYC and Facebook Elevate.



Black Girl Sunscreen X
Skylar Marshai

Skylar connected with the brand's mission of educating and informing people on the myths of suncare when it comes to Black & brown skin.
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Stars X
Brittany Antoinette

Brittany sought to reshape the conversation around Girl STEM Stars and its mission, turning something seen as "charity" into what it really is: an investment towards future minds and leaders.
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Trading Races X
Justin Lamar

Connecting with founder Kenyatta Forbes was key to Justin's creative process. Understanding her background as an educator helped Justin understand the duality of Trading Races as both a party game but also a game that served a purpose.
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Cal & Kay X
Joshua Renfroe

Vital to Joshua's process was building a creative rapport with Cal & Kay founder Kwame Garrett-Price. By learning and listening to his story, the creative process became more than a transaction — it forged a genuine bond between the two of them.
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See the work born out of the We Create program and how each brand is using Instagram to grow their business.


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