Where there’s passion, there’s action

Instagram is where people keep up with the things they love, and they can act on their passions instantly with our tools.


Build on the passion

Instagram is the #1 media platform for people to discover new brands and build relationships with brands among those surveyed.1 People take more actions, including purchasing products and browsing a business’ website, on Instagram than on non-Meta platforms.2

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Pro Tip: Create Reels with AR effects to push creativity


Get discovered with entertaining videos

Try Reels if you want people to discover your brand, join a movement or be entertained by the stories you tell.

Gen Z is increasingly using video formats like Reels to discover new brands1


Authentically engage with communities

Try collaborating with creators if you want people to deeply engage with your business through people who are influential across their communities.

People are 1.5x more likely to want to see branded creator content on Instagram than on other platforms2

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Pro Tip: Collaborate with creators on branded content Reels to step into the future of short form video.

@feroldis uses product tag for their Maxwell Shoe

Pro Tip: Reach even more qualified shoppers by turning your posts into ads with product tags


Move from discovery to purchase with product tags

Try product tagging and ads with product tags if you want customers to be able to shop as soon as they see something they like.

Nearly half of people use Instagram to shop weekly3


Level up your Instagram campaigns