Instagram for Travel: Inspire Action with Instagram

People from all over the world come to Instagram for visual inspiration. It’s where they find and share their passions with people they know. And people they don’t. With businesses they care about. And businesses they've just discovered. Find out how your business can inspire action through these key passions on Instagram.

Travel on Instagram

People use Instagram to get travel tips, find hidden gems and for inspiration on where to go. They also use it as a virtual travel journal to stay connected with places they’ve been.

For people passionate about travel on Instagram:


use Instagram for inspiration on new places to explore1


say Instagram exposes them to different cultures and people2

7 out of 10

accounts they follow are from brands3

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See how advertisers are inspiring action among travel enthusiasts.

Learn more about connecting with travel enthusiasts on Instagram

Video ad source: Travel enthusiasts are people interested in travel. “Instagram Passions” by Coherency (Facebook-commissioned study of 1662 people ages 18-65 in the US), Oct 2016.

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