Announcing Updated Features for Reminder Ads to improve Relevance, Scalability, and Compatibility

clock imageMay 23, 2024

Reminder ads allow people on Instagram to connect with, keep track of and engage with specific moments and events by encouraging people on Instagram to opt into receiving reminders.

When you create reminder ads, people on Instagram can set a reminder from the ad itself or from Instagram's in-app browser. If they opt in to receiving reminders, people receive three reminder notifications from Instagram before and during the event.

Whether announcing a movie premiere, promoting a product launch or creating urgency to shop a sale, reminder ads help get your event in front of more people.

Today, we will begin rolling out a number of significant reminder ads product updates that will make reminder ads more valuable to advertisers and improve compatibility with other optimizations and ad formats.

Add a website destination

Drive people to your preferred website destination and choose your preferred CTA. People can navigate to your website to shop, learn or watch more after receiving reminders.

After setting a reminder ad

Initial ad impression

After setting reminder

After receiving and tapping notification

Initial ad impression

Tap notification

Optimize for Thruplay or Reach

When you run ads optimizing for Thruplay or Reach across placements, you can now add the reminder feature to Instagram Feed, Stories, or Reels placements. This will help move people interested down the funnel by reminding them when it matters most.

Remind people to shop or buy tickets before it’s too late
Now, you can remind people when your sale starts and create urgency before your sale ends. People will receive reminders when your sale starts and 1-7 days later based on your selection.

Note: We recommend choosing a date 24-48 hours before your sale ends to create urgency.

Push notification

24 hours before start

Push notification

at start

Push notification

5 days after start

Run reminder ads and partnership ads together
Use partnership ads to make your reminder ads more engaging. You can run reminder and partnership ads together by uploading your ad creative and following partnership ads set-up flow.

Run reminder ads in Instagram Reels
Now, you can reach audiences in Instagram Reels with reminder ads. You should follow Reels creative essentials, meaning you should build creative that uses vertical 9:16 video with audio in the safe zone.

Reminder set optimization

Thruplay or Reach optimization