How to create AR ads on Instagram and Facebook

clock imageOctober 26, 2022

As we announced earlier this month, we’re growing our AR offering with the introduction of AR Ads on Instagram, powered by Meta Spark, which is currently in an open beta. AR Ads can help you create immersive experiences, encourage people to virtually try out your business’ products and inspire people to interact with your brand. Advertisers can now drive scale of their AR effects across Facebook and Instagram using the Awareness, Reach and Traffic objectives. Adding augmented reality effects to mobile ads can significantly improve campaign performance, and we have found that advertisers see additional value in including Facebook AR ads to their current campaign strategies.

How to create AR ads on Instagram and Facebook

From an AR ad unit, audiences can tap the call-to-action button to enter the AR Ads Camera. From there, they can:

  • Interact with the AR Experience.
  • Tap or hold the shutter button to take a photo or video, then share to Instagram Stories for other people to see your ad.
  • Tap the call-to-action button at the bottom of the camera to continue to a URL. For example, you can encourage people to visit your website to learn more or to purchase a product.

How to create AR ads

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Tap the green + Create button.
  3. Choose between the following campaign objectives that support AR ads: Brand Awareness, Traffic, Conversions (Facebook only), Reach
  4. Enter all required information and settings for the campaign and ad set.
  5. On ad level, select Add an Instant Experience.
  6. Tap the Choose a Template selector and select the AR Experience template. A new pop-up window will appear.

    Create AR ads part 1
  7. Tap Effect to choose your ad effect. Only effects that have been approved are shown in the dropdown.
  8. Tap the Camera Facing dropdown to choose which camera, front or back, your AR effect will use.
  9. In the Destination section, tap the dropdown and choose your call-to-action label, then enter a website URL. The URL must start with “https”.
  10. To preview your AR effect on your mobile phone, tap Preview on Mobile. A notification will appear in your Facebook app.
  11. Tap Done.

    Create AR ads part 2
  12. In the Ad Creative section, tap Add Video. Select the video you want to use for your ad and tap Next. Apply adjustments to your ad creative if applicable, then tap Done. You must use video creative for AR ads.
  13. Enter the Primary Text and Headline for your video ad.
  14. Leave Display Link blank to show the Open Camera label on the ad.
  15. Below Text Overlay, choose the Call to Action you want people to take after viewing your video.
  16. To preview your entire AR ad, tap the 3 dots in the top-right corner and choose Send Notification to Facebook. We’ll send you a notification in the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  17. Tap Publish.

    Create AR ads part 3

Learn more about creating an Ads Manager AR ad.