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February 8, 2018

Global Spotlight: Instagram in Asia Pacific

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

With over 2 million active advertisers and 25 million business profiles on Instagram using ads in feed and stories to connect with customers all over the world, more and more are utilizing Instagram's unique ad platform to stand out and inspire action—especially in the Asia Pacific region. From global brands to mom-and-pop shops, businesses continue to be an integral part of the Instagram ad experience. In fact, 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business,1 while 200 million actively visit the profile of a business every day2—like Zexy, Tokopedia, Samsung Australia and Netmarble Games.

Enticing Brides With Rich Content

Looking to increase app installs and reach a wider audience, Japan's largest wedding information service Zexy (@zexyrecruit) used Instagram Stories to create a series of richly expressive Instagram ads to help young couples prepare for their big day.

Featuring an array of wedding dresses from the brand's stylish collection, Zexy created a personalized campaign that targeted engaged women, ranging in age from 23–29, who had not yet installed the Zexy app. In addition to this, the premier wedding service used a lookalike audience to expand the campaign and reach people similar to those who had already installed the app—resulting in a 3.1X increase in app installs and 4X increase in click-through rate.3

The richer video expressiveness and intimacy with viewers unique to Instagram Stories helped us appeal to a target audience that Zexy had not yet reached. This led to results that exceeded initial expectations. With further refinement to our creative strategy, Zexy can not only further increase the number of installs and actions, but also achieve a greater branding effect.
Sera Kubota, Internet Business Division, Recruit Marketing Partners
Exploring New Channels During The Holidays

In an increasingly crowded app market, growing app installs and reaching a new audience is crucial for a business to succeed. That's why Tokopedia (@tokopedia), one of the largest ecommerce platforms in Indonesia, turned to Instagram Stories during its latest holiday campaign.

Using a colorful and playful video that juxtaposed different holiday products with young Indonesians on vacation, the brand ran two mobile app ad campaigns simultaneously across Facebook and Instagram News Feed, as well as Instagram Stories. By taking this multichannel approach, Tokopedia was able to achieve a 54% increase in app installs and a 35% lower cost per install, while reaching an 11% larger audience.

Tokopedia is the leading online marketplace in Indonesia. We utilize Facebook and Instagram ads, including Instagram Stories, to share our company's mission and vision and continuously engage our customers.
Viera Anjani, Digital Marketing Specialist, Tokopedia
Putting Shoppers In The Picture

Wanting to generate buzz and purchase intent around its latest premium television, The Frame, electronics giant Samsung Australia (@samsungau) launched a captivating campaign across Facebook and Instagram that emphasized its unique ability to turn into a beautiful photo, print or work of art when not in use.

To highlight the TV’s art and design focus and draw in its audience, Samsung created a series of eye-catching video ads and video carousels in feed, as well as vertical video ads in Instagram Stories. Resulting in a 10-point lift in ad awareness and a 4-point lift in purchase intent, the campaign was an incredible success, especially among females aged 25–34 years old.4

Instagram was a natural fit. We wanted to promote our eye-catching, premium product to an audience interested in art, design and stylish living. Ads in Instagram Stories and Facebook and Instagram Feed ads allowed us to drive awareness among potential new customers. It also uncovered a specific audience segment interested in the product, helping us to refocus efforts next time.
Angelique Schierz-Crusius, Social Media Manager, Samsung Australia
Battling For Players With Stories

Teaming up with Facebook Creative Shop to promote its Marvel Future Fight game, South Korean Game developer Netmarble Games (@netmarble_official) used ads in Instagram Stories to attract potential players with engaging video featuring actual gameplay. Cleverly timing the campaign around the action-packed trailer being promoted on TV for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Netmarble Games ran simultaneous ads that used footage of characters from the movie who were also part of the game.

As a result, the campaign successfully reached 2.74 million people in just two weeks and generated an 11-point lift in brand awareness5 among its target of men aged 18-44 years old—discovering that using television with Instagram is more effective than TV alone.

By using Instagram Stories, you can effectively remind audiences of your ad and improve brand awareness. I also believe it is a smart way to reach out not only to TV viewers, but also to those who do not watch TV—resulting in positive impact on branding as well as conversion.
Mani Shim, VP of Marketing, Netmarble Games
Going Beyond Asia Pacific

Throughout the world, businesses of all sizes are using Instagram ads to bring their products and services to life in a fresh, immersive way. Whether it's Asia Pacific or other regions across the globe, our passionate community is helping businesses connect with people and the things they care about—inspiring action and driving business results.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA