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February 1, 2018

Bringing Carousel Ads to Instagram Stories

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Today, we're introducing Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories, allowing advertisers to have up to three pieces of media per Stories ad, before it was just one.

Since launching Instagram Stories, we've seen the community flex its creativity in ways that delighted us. From face filters to superzoom to gif stickers, Stories has completely changed the way people share and express themselves on Instagram. And businesses are embracing that creativity too. For example, a luxury shoe retailer recently encouraged shoppers to “hold and pause” on their favorite pair as the brand flashed through its new line.

Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories behave the same way as other Stories content, meaning you can tap through, swipe back and forth or pause the content whenever you'd like.

Now with two additional pieces of media, advertisers can add depth to their storytelling in the same way the community does today. Already, Gap (@gap) is tapping into Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories to incorporate native elements—like pinning and drawing tools—and using the additional space to highlight more of their campaign.

The captivating nature of Instagram Stories provides another platform for our consumers to experience the Logo Remix campaign. The campaign is all about paying homage to Gap logos of the past, while featuring some of today’s global culture remixers. We love using Instagram’s creative tools to add fun details to our creative, and the full screen format of Instagram Stories makes it feel like you’re part of the remix.
Craig Brommers, Chief Marketing Officer, Gap

To learn how the community and brands engage with this new ad format, we're starting with a limited set of global advertisers such as Coca-Cola (@cocacolamx), Renault (@renault_france) and Paramount (@paramountpics). We'll share more when Carousel Ads for Instagram Stories is more widely available.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA