A series of richly expressive ads in Instagram Stories helped the wedding information service reach a larger audience, greatly increasing both the number of app installs and the number of subsequent actions people took within the app.

After the proposal, Zexy

Zexy, from Recruit Marketing Partners, is the largest wedding information service in Japan. The brand’s magazine, website and app help couples with the myriad wedding preparations, from the engagement to the moment they begin their new life together. The Zexy app allows people to search for venues, rings, dresses and makeup services. It also includes checklists customized for different seasons, and a rich collection of articles.


more app actions triggered after Instagram Stories campaign


more installs after Instagram Stories campaign


lower install cost compared to previous ad strategy


increase in click-through rate compared to previous ad strategy

The richer video expressiveness and intimacy with viewers unique to Instagram Stories helped us appeal to a target audience that Zexy had not yet reached. This led to results that exceeded initial expectations. With further refinement to our creative strategy, Zexy can not only further increase the number of installs and actions, but also achieve a greater branding effect.
Reaching a larger audience on Instagram

Recruit Marketing Partners has long used Instagram, which is ideally suited to the Zexy target audience: women in their 20s. With this campaign, Zexy wanted to reach a larger audience and also increase the number of app installs and subsequent actions, including reservations for bridal fairs and venue reviews.

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Enticing brides with rich content

Zexy took a creative approach to its campaign by using ads in Instagram Stories, which allowed it to display richer ad content that covered the full height of the screen. Zexy used a simple format that highlighted a central image of a wedding dress, and added descriptions of dress colors in English, using a typeface with a handwritten feel.

The ad production lead, already an Instagram fan, knew that Instagram Stories featuring static photos were more prone to be passed over, so Zexy also incorporated constant movement into its ads in Stories. The brand also included additional touches to encourage people to visit the App Store, as not everyone knows that you can click from a link on an ad in Stories to a location outside of Instagram.

The ads were targeted to engaged women, ranging in age from 23–29, who had not yet installed the Zexy app. The brand also created a lookalike audience to expand the campaign to reach people similar to those who had already installed the app.