Unlock your ad's success.

Discover the impact your ads have on people by checking your insights. Then, use what you’ve learned to create more effective ads and make the most of your budget.

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Metrics that uncover your impact

Get a few simple but powerful tips to enhance your ads so you can have a deeper impact on more people.

The number of likes, comments and saves your ad received helps you understand if it resonated with your audience.

ad showing number of likes

Interactions tells you how many people tapped your ad’s action button.

ad showing number of ad clicks

Reach is the number of unique people who saw your ad.

ad showing number of people reached

Impressions are the number of times your ad was viewed. If you have more impressions than reach, it means some people saw your post more than once.

ad showing number of impressions
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How to check your ad Insights

  1. On your profile, tap the Ad Tools button
  2. Under Manage, tap Past Ads.
  3. Find the ad you want results for and tap View Insights

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