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June 23, 2017

Raising A Glass To Mobile: How Smart Devices are Redefining the Beverage Industry

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

On the first day of summer, you head out for drinks with friends. While you're waiting for them, you order an iced tea. On a whim, you take a photo of your ice cold delight and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #summerdrinks. Impulsive? Maybe, but far from uncommon: today's Instagrammer interested in beverages is swift-thinking, decisive and quick to share.

Beverages, Brands and Buyers

In a recent collaborative study with our in-house consumer insights team (Facebook IQ), we learned that just like the beverage decision itself, mobile is both impulsive and social—with 41% even agreeing that photos and videos on Instagram influence their beverage purchase decision.1 And as beverage shopping becomes increasingly diverse and connected, people are using their smartphones to seek out, learn about and discuss their drinks in new ways—particularly in NY, Chicago, London and São Paulo.2

But the activity doesn't just stop there. These Instagrammers are scrolling, sharing and searching Instagram more and more, even visiting the platform 22 times per day—that's 8 more sessions a day compared to the average global Instagrammer. Needless to say, with so much frequency amongst Instagrammers, especially between 3-6pm PST, beverage brands have more opportunities than ever to connect when thirst (and impulse) strikes.2


To define itself as the official beer of summertime and Carnival, Brazil's best-selling beverage brand, Skol (@skol), partnered with Instagram and agency F/Nazca to launch a video campaign created exclusively for Instagram Stories.

Beverage Instagrammers watch twice the number of videos compared to the average global user.
Instagram data, US (compared to global audience), ages 18-65+, females & males. Based on data from 28 days prior to May 11, 2017 that used beverage related hashtags.

For the campaign, the brand decided to show its innovative side by becoming the first Brazilian company to test stories—and the results were as big as Carnival itself.

Targeted at people all across Brazil (18+ years old), the campaign's message encouraged viewers to think outside the box and enjoy the summer's most outgoing celebration with Skol. As a result, the brand's ad recall jumped by 29pts, and the total number of people who saw Skol as the beer most closely tied to summer (primarily among women) increased by 3pts.


Looking to raise awareness of its overall brand and products amongst millennials in a fresh, playful way, Italian coffee company, illy (@illy_coffee), teamed up with Instagram and artist/illustrator, Max Petrone, to create a series of Instagram carousel ads that told the illy story using coffee as the medium.

This fun campaign proved to be a hit with the Instagram audience, producing a 16pt uplift in ad recall and even rising 21pts amongst its target of 25-to-35 year-olds.


And it's not just the larger beverage brands using Instagram to reach consumers with memorable creative, it's smaller businesses too—like BrainJuice (@naturalbrainjuice).

For this Austin-based drink company, who prides itself as being a liquid shot of nutrients for your brain, Instagram is a main channel for connecting with its customers and building a community around its products.

As a small, but growing beverage company, Instagram has been a fantastic way for our business to connect with customers and build a community. Not only does it allow us to share what we're doing, but it lets us hear directly from the fans of our product and even share their stories too. These relationships that Instagram helps create are the foundation and heart of BrainJuice.
Lindsay Stern, Marketing Lead, BrainJuice
Salad Power

With so many different ways for businesses to connect and share on Instagram, one veggie-first company has the art of posting down to a science—literally. Treating its content like an experiment, New York City-based Salad Power (@saladpower) found which style of posts worked best for engagement by researching and testing everything they shared on Instagram.

We’re a company that's very scientific at heart and testing different variables is a key aspect of that. Instagram gives us a very thorough set of data to use to judge how well a post does. It has helped us improve engagement by 50%.
Nikhil Wagh, Co-Founder & COO, Salad Power
The Next Round's On Mobile

As mobile continues to reshape the world around us, it's important that beverage marketers understand its impact and the ways mobile can connect them with their customers—whether it's on-the-go or in the moment. And while the path to purchase is short and impulsive among beverage Instagrammers, the discussion around what and why they drink is anything but minimal.

To learn more about mobile's impact on the beverage industry and how we think about drinks, head on over to Facebook IQ for the full article.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA