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June 27, 2017

The Who, When and Why of Mobile Shopping This Holiday Season

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

As more and more shoppers swipe, scroll and tap their way to gifts this holiday season, it's important for marketers to understand the people and behaviors that are driving mobile shopping today, especially with the emergence of the mobile-first shopper—someone who expects to complete the majority (51% or higher) of their holiday purchases on a mobile device.

To shed light on this evolving trend and find out just how marketers can win the holiday season, as well as the year ahead, we went on a world tour with our in-house consumer insights team (Facebook IQ) to uncover the nuances surrounding the emergence of this savvy, mobile-first shopper.

'Tis The Season For Mobile

While the number of people buying on mobile varies from country to country, shoppers from all over are turning to their favorite, always-with-them device to do most of their holiday shopping—with people in Asia Pacific and the United States driving this phenomenon.1 Because of this, nearly 40% of shoppers agree that, when it comes to holiday shopping, their mobile device allows them to make a more informed purchase decision.2

And Instagram is playing an increased role in this in the moment experience.

With people turning to their feeds and stories everyday to research gift ideas and discover what to buy their friends (and even themselves), it's no surprise that Instagram's level of influence on holiday shopping continues to evolve year after year.

From 2015 to 2016, the number of people who consider Instagram influential grew an average of 12%,3 while 46% believe that Instagram is very influential on their holiday shopping.4 And when compared to the average shopper, mobile-first shoppers are 2.35x more likely to buy gifts or shop for themselves on Instagram and 2.29x more likely to find deals or promotions on Instagram.3

As mobile's influence continues to grow, it's no surprise that more and more businesses on Instagram are seeing the impact (and opportunities) of the mobile-first shopper.

Seizing The Holiday

After finding past successes using Facebook's carousel ads to advertise its travel destinations to the globetrotters of the world, Virgin Holidays (@virginholidays) was looking for a new, more personal approach to raising awareness around its brand and the various destinations on offer to drive conversions both online and in-store on Instagram.

With the help of Instagram Stories and its community of 250 million daily active users, Virgin Holidays partnered with creative agency AMV BBDO to launch a playful campaign back in March that brought the landscapes of NYC, Las Vegas and San Francisco to life. Placing the viewer at the center of the action, the videos and images in the stories occurred in real time and in full-screen—making the viewer feel like they were really there, and nudging people into turning their dream holidays into a reality.

Ads in stories was an obvious addition to our paid social strategy. By producing creative which matches the playful, real-time concept of the channel, we saw a 2.84x higher return on ad spend compared to previous Instagram video campaigns.
Stuart Chapman, Social Media Executive, Virgin Holidays

And not only were the stories entertaining to watch, but they were perfectly suited to highlight the tiny but essential details that help to sell travel destinations as well. The three-day campaign generated a 5X increase in the video completion rate (compared to previous video campaigns), as well as dropping the cost per view by 10%.

Mobilizing the Perfect Fit

Wanting to reach new customers with its Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, MeUndies (@meundies) tapped performance marketing agency MuteSix to create a user-acquisition campaign that retargeted people who had browsed its website and convince them to become customers of the feel good brand.

Completely shattering expectations for the two-day holiday campaign, Instagram helped the brand earn a 5X return on ad spend with 25% lower cost per purchase and 30% lower cost per add-to-cart action than other channels.

Making the Holidays Even Sweeter

And in NYC, home of infamous bite-sized cupcakes, Baked by Melissa (@bakedbymelissa), the brand uses Instagram to connect and engage with its sweet-toothed community of connoisseurs through fun and colorful posts. It's here where the inspiration behind the brand's mouth-watering cupcakes are brought to life in a way that leaves Instagrammers salivating during the holidays with each swipe.

"Instagram has helped our business grow in so many ways. Besides highlighting our products and educating our customers on them, we offer a behind the scenes look into our brand and company. We see Instagram Stories as a virtual scrapbook and always make them light and fun. There is less pressure to deliver perfect content since they disappear after 24 hours. We try to balance both the feed and stories to give our customers fun and informative content every day!"
Melissa Ben-Ishay, President & Chief Product Officer, Baked by Melissa
Buying Into Mobile This Holiday Season

As mobile continues to accelerate the shopping journey for businesses all over the world, marketers must learn to appeal to this new, fast-growing shopping profile and adapt to meet the growing behavior of the mobile-first shopper. Especially, when it comes to the holiday season.

To learn more about mobile-first shoppers and how mobile is challenging marketers this holiday season, visit Facebook IQ for the full article.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA