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Promoting posts on Instagram is simple.

"Just having more people seeing what you do means you’ll get the chance to do more work and grow more as a business."
- Alex, @santocuervotattoo

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Reach people who aren’t following you yet.

Turn this awareness into business results by following these best practices.

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Start with your goal.

When people click on your ad, where do you want them to go?

Choose Your Profile if you want to build awareness, create a loyal online community or strengthen your relationship with customers.

Choose Your Website if you want to increase online sales, drive traffic to your website or encourage people to read a blog, make a purchase or book an appointment.

Choose Your Direct Messages if you want people to send you a private message, have one-on-one conversations, offer personalized services or manage customer support.

define your audience

Find your next customer.

There are two ways to choose who sees your Instagram ads. In both cases, keep your audience broad so our ad delivery system can find the people most likely to become customers.

Choose who you reach based on what your customers are interested in, like Food or Shopping, or by their location, age and gender. This is a great option if you:
  • want to be seen by a specific audience
  • are location-specific
  • know who you want to reach
  • want to reach different groups of people
We find similar people to those already engaging with your profile. This is a great option if you:
  • are unsure of exactly who to target
  • want to see who interacts with your ad

set a budget and duration

Stay in control of what you spend.

Creating a successful ad is more than what you post. Typically people need to see your ad a few times before they take action, so the cost of your Instagram ad and how long it runs are also important.

Choose a budget and duration that works for you.

Decide what’s right for your business, and learn as you go. Learn more about payment methods.

Let your ad run for at least 7 days.

This lets our ad delivery system learn about your audience and find the people who are most likely to act.

Having more people visit your [profile] means more potential customers.

Make your ads stand out.

Promoted posts are only available on mobile. Please login from your phone to promote a post.