The Technological University of Mexico discovered the effectiveness of Instagram and Audience Network when they added both placements to their Facebook campaign and successfully increased the number of registration forms completed by interested students.

Raising academic quality

The Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) has provided high school, Bachelors and graduate-level educational services since 1966. After 50 years, today there are more than 160,000 UNITEC graduates all over Mexico.


greater reach with Instagram and Audience Network


increase in within 7 days after ads launched on Instagram and Audience Network


decrease in cost per action

This campaign allows us to reach people who are looking for our university. By implementing Audience Network and Instagram, we were able to obtain 20% more new registrations with the same budget.
Israel Pérez Fernández, Director of Marketing Communications, UNITEC
Get new students

The campaign’s main goal was to increase the number of registrations from people interested in studying at UNITEC and enlarge their community of students in 5 lines of business: Baccalaureate, Bachelors, post-graduate qualifications, executive Bachelors and online Bachelors.

Running Facebook ads in new places

During the 7-day trial of Instagram ads, targeting was based on reaching 5 different audiences, one for each line of business. The ads to attract high school students were delivered to men and women aged between 16–18, ads for Bachelors (executive, online and campus-based) went to men and women aged 18–24 and post-graduate ads went to people aged 25–40.

UNITEC used link ads: the campaign creative showed students as central figures in the photograph, with the text “Academic grant worth up to 35%” or “Get your Bachelors at UNITEC”—the ad text differed depending on the intended audience. People could click on the “More information” button to fill out the registration form with their full name and email address. With the information from the registration forms, UNITEC could then send out newsletters, quotes, make follow-up calls and provide information about the university.

The results from Instagram ads were positive, with an increase in the number of new registrations from people interested in enrolling for UNITEC’s 5 lines of business, and exceeding the previous campaign targets.

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