This innovative online stock brokerage worked closely with Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner Bidalgo on a smart user acquisition campaign.

Online investment

GetStocks is the young startup that’s bringing the brokerage into the 21st century. Incorporating strong social elements, GetStocks allows people to buy and sell while also seeing what other traders are investing in.


decrease in cost per install


increase in payer’s rate

GetStocks is a young and innovative startup in the field of online stock investing. We’re always looking for new and effective ways to connect with and engage our audience. Following the launch of Instagram advertising, we valued Bidalgo’s efforts to reach out to us and enable us to be one of the first to start advertising there. Our campaign reached amazing results. Bidalgo’s professionalism and technology are what made it all possible.
Scaling users and profit

GetStocks wanted to attract new users and increase brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram, two platforms that complement GetStocks’ social elements.

Testing, testing

The spine of GetStocks’ user acquisition campaign was based on rigorously A/B-testing different creative and ad placement, which then allowed the young company to finesse the campaign and maximise its cost per acquisition.

By working with Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner Bidalgo, GetStocks was able to optimise its entire campaign and ensure that that it was getting the highest possible return on ad spend, from the creative concept right through to ad bidding and placement.

Early research by GetStocks helped it to better identify its audience’s likes and interests, which allowed it to create relevant and compelling creative that it could test and refine. This was especially important because GetStocks was an early adopter of Instagram ads.

With strong experience in mobile app install campaigns, GetStocks and Bidalgo were able to accurately use Facebook’s range of targeting tools, including Custom Audiences, likes and interests, to create an exciting and highly meaningful campaign.

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