The latest best practices for Instagram Shopping

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Prepare your shop for sales

The first step to setting up a successful shop on Instagram is to manage your product catalogue. Your catalogue contains all of the information that powers your shop and Product Detail Pages on Instagram.

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Add items to your catalogue so people can shop them

Make sure your catalogue holds all necessary product info about the items you wish to promote or sell on Instagram:

  • use one catalogue (merge several into one, and use only one catalogue across Instagram and Facebook if you have a shop on both)
  • make sure it has the most up-to-date products, inventory counts and pricing
  • fill in all catalogue fields, such as product name, description and category

Add product details, images and videos

Descriptions, photos, videos and attributes help shoppers decide whether to purchase your products. Make sure your products include snappy descriptions, at least four high resolutions images or videos, at least three attributes such as colour, size or materials, and accurate shipping information.

Step 2: Make your products easy to discover

Product tags allow you to highlight items from your product catalogue directly into your videos and posts, so people can tap on a tag and immediately learn more. By tagging your products, they will be eligible to appear in shopping surfaces that people go to when they are in the mood to shop.

The most successful businesses use tags frequently in different formats.

example of Instagram Shops product tags being used for bottle sprayers from @blueland's page

Product tagging drives sales! Businesses who leverage product tagging see 37% more sales, on average, than businesses that did not tag products in their feed posts.*

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Watch a quick video on how to tag products.

Step 3: Get more people to consider and buy your products

Help more shoppers understand if your products are right for them with relevant, actionable content and messages.

If your business is in the US and uses checkout on Instagram to sell directly in our app, learn more best practices for checkout businesses here.


"Launching a shop on Instagram has helped us share our collection of handmade pieces with new customers near and far. With product tags, collections and other tools, we've grown our Instagram account from a beautiful portfolio to a true shopping destination that mirrors our storefront in Charleston, South Carolina, US." – Founder, Mimi Striplin

example of Instagram Shops product tags, featuring three people smiling from @thetinytassel's page

3-fold lift in site traffic

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Here is your guide on how to start reaching customers with your shop

Learn the business of Instagram with foundational guidance on how your business can set your shop up for success and effectively meet customers where they are. Ready to #getyourshopon?

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