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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Instagram Stories.

No. While we recommend using photos and videos for Stories that were created with the full vertical screen in mind, there are many ways to optimize your creative and take advantage of the full real estate that Stories has to offer.

When building a campaign, there are tools in Ads Manager like automatic Stories templates that will transform your content into native, immersive and performance-driving Instagram Stories ads.

You can also try reworking existing photos or videos. You can re-crop a picture to fit a vertical screen, add bookends at the top and bottom of an image or stack multiple images on top of one another.

If you need help creating assets for Stories ads, work with one of our many approved creative partners.

In Ads Manager, use Automatic Placements or Edit Placement and ensure Instagram Stories is selected to get the most efficient delivery. Facebook will deliver ad content in the placement believed most likely to help drive campaign results and use your budget efficiently based on your optimization goal. When you select Instagram Stories ads as a placement, your existing creative will be automatically transformed into a native Stories ad. Or you can upload content created specifically for Stories.

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No. Organic Instagram Stories (the unpaid stories you might post directly from your Instagram account) disappear from view after 24 hours by default. With Stories ads, you choose the length of the campaign and the frequency with which your ads are served, and Facebook’s ad platform runs the ads based on your chosen business objectives.

Yes. Many direct response advertisers have seen success with Stories for performance objectives. Check out four simple tips to make Stories work harder for your performance marketing campaigns.

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