We Create: Laci Jordan’s Vibrant Illustrations Illuminate The Worthy Co.’s Women-Centered Social Mission

clock imageJune 21, 2022

We Create aims to inspire and reinvigorate Instagram’s core creative audience while supporting small businesses. This year, the program brought together creative agencies and creators to develop valuable content for women-owned small businesses using Instagram’s fastest-growing format: Reels.

In a series of behind-the-scenes videos, Instagram documented the creative process of the We Create teams from conception to final asset. Earlier this month, we shared the collaboration between artist Elise Swopes (@swopes), Bodega at @wiedenkennedy and the Indigenous-owned business @onquata.paddle. Now, meet our next team: multidisciplinary artist Laci Jordan (@solacilike) and social enterprise @theworthy.co. (And don’t forget to come back next week to meet our third team: videographer Ashley Xu (@ashhasacamera), @digitas.na and clean skincare brand @hanahana_beauty.)

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Sarah Bowden and Melissa Ice are the founders of The Worthy Co., a Texas-based social enterprise that provides social services and dignified employment for survivors of trafficking. Along with educating followers about their mission, their goal is to drive sales of their handcrafted items like candles and earrings to create jobs for the women they support.

“To have someone sit down and take the energy to learn our story and mission and turn it into something beautiful is just a dream,” says Melissa. “One of the things that we get excited about with Reels is that it gives you access to a whole new audience.”

As a multi-disciplinary artist who values uplifting women, Laci Jordan was excited to collaborate with The Worthy Co. to create Reels. “It was an easy yes,” says Laci. The creator then shared her process for drafting up her signature bold, unapologetic and expressive designs.

“I hope that what I create brings visibility to the company,” says Laci. “I love what they stand for. I hope it brings sales.”

Watch the video above to see how Laci’s vibrant ideas for The Worthy Co. turned out and what Sarah and Melissa loved most about the final results.

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