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November 14, 2016

Global Spotlight: Instagram in the UAE

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

A weekly series celebrating how businesses and brands are making the most of Instagram around the world.

Across the world, people are inspired by the creativity and innovation of businesses on Instagram. From the biggest brands inspiring and engaging global audiences, to everyday people making direct connections with new customers.

To celebrate the creative diversity seen from different countries across a range of industries, we’ve set out to highlight how businesses and brands have found success on the platform. In the UAE we spoke to Dubai’s department of tourism (, luxury hotel (@burjalarab) and international handbag designer (@nathalietrad) to find out how they inspire and connect with their customers on the platform.

Dubai is so dynamic and ever changing and as well is so visual, and you have a tool like Instagram that is instant and always changing, it makes it quite a perfect match. Whenever we’re creating any campaigns, Instagram plays a significant role within that.
Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Tourism
We always look at Instagram as being our main hub for campaigns. It’s the easiest way to talk to a global audience, you can use one image to talk to different age groups and relate to different people, different cultures from around the world.
Noor Al Fardan, Marketing Communications Manager, Burj Alarab
Instagram today has almost taken the place of a website. People shop off of Instagram. We get tons of messages from people trying to get their hands on bags. If I want to show someone what our brand is about, I will take them to Instagram because it shows a more holistic view of the brand and not just the product. It shows, you know, the behind the scenes, it shows the products, it shows who we are.
Nathalie Trad, Founder, Nathalie Trad

Over the coming weeks watch out for more from the Instagram Global Spotlight series featuring stories from Italy, Brazil and Mexico and watch previous videos from the UK, Germany, France and Spain here.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA