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November 15, 2016

Accelerating to Success: The Auto Industry on Instagram

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

The auto industry has been the leader in marketing and visual communications for nearly a decade. While full bleed ads in glossy magazines, direct mail and TV commercials were once standards for auto marketers, and are still used today, the shift to mobile has been an incredible catalyst for change in the industry.

When you look around you, nearly everyone is staring at their mobile device—whether they’re waiting in line for coffee, commuting or even walking down the street. With half a billion people on the platform, chances are many are scrolling through their Instagram feed at any given time. More than the average Instagrammer, auto enthusiasts use Instagram 21 times per day and are active seven days out of the week.1

So how does that affect auto marketers?

Nearly 80% of Instagrammers surveyed say they research products online before making a purchase. And many agree that seeing relevant ads are important to them. Compared to two years ago, 38% of people we surveyed say the platform informs what they buy. That percentage jumps up to 59% for auto enthusiasts on Instagram.2

With auto fans so passionate and open for discovery on Instagram, auto brands are taking note. They’re using the platform’s highly visual experience and mobile power to promote their vehicles.

To raise awareness of latest models, businesses like GMC are using Instagram to share detailed, magazine-quality photos in carousel ads.

Instagram carousel ad from GMC

Brands like Honda are using the platform as an extension of their showrooms—allowing customers anywhere in the world to get a glimpse.

An Instagram ad from Honda

Lexus USA is using Instagram stories to give people backstage access at closed-door events.

An Instagram story used by Lexus USA

And businesses like Volvo are letting customers test drive cars with the power of the thumb before they even put a foot on the pedal.

An Instagram ad from Volvo

With its immersive visual power, auto brands are using Instagram at every step of their marketing plan—from awareness to consideration to sales. And with such an engaged audience on mobile—ready to discover and research things they’re passionate about before making a purchase—there’s no better time to be on the platform.

Check out the Instagram Business Facebook Page to see a live recording of acclaimed host and “Car Guy,” Jay Leno, and Head of Market Development at Facebook Inc., Matt Jacobson as they discuss the current state of car culture and strategies to help drive business results on Instagram.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA