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Driving action using Call to Actions on Instagram adverts


7 October 2015

Driving action with Instagram adverts

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Advertisers are seeing more consumer interaction with their adverts on Instagram than ever before. Businesses are running campaigns that drive website clicks, video views and mobile app downloads, encouraging people to take specific action from the adverts they see on the platform.

And now that businesses can easily set up, run and track adverts themselves through the Instagram adverts API and Facebook advert buying interfaces, we're seeing advertisers around the globe sharing content that moves people.

Businesses are already seeing strong results from their action-packed campaigns with significant increases in business-driving actions and cost efficiencies. And with the increased diversity of businesses on our platform, we're seeing a variety of strategies being tested to achieve their objectives.

An Instagram advert with an "Install Now" Call to Action

For example, fashion marketplace Poshmark ran a campaign promoting its mobile app. Leveraging the same creative they used on Facebook, Poshmark ran image adverts featuring close-ups of popular branded products amongst their consumers. The results were impressive. Poshmark saw a 37% increase in app installs at a 28% reduction in advert cost, exceeding its business goal by 85%.

Our initial results for Instagram mobile adverts are so promising that this platform has quickly become a key part of Poshmark's growth strategy moving forward.
Preston Lee, Senior Marketing Manager (@poshmark)
An Instagram advert with an "Install Now" Call to Action

Similarly, mega-retailer Target ran a campaign to drive downloads of its mobile savings app, Cartwheel. In just two weeks, Cartwheel saw an increase in downloads with savings per install by new users of approximately 43%.

An Instagram advert with a "Learn More" Call to Action

And advertisers are driving other advertising objectives on Instagram, too, such as website clicks and video views. Shoe retailer SHOES.COM ran a Website Clicks campaign taking customers to various properties on its site. With its Instagram campaign, they saw a 15-fold increase in new user traffic compared to all other display advertising channels combined at a 63% reduction in cost per click.

We're pleased that advertisers are seeing success in driving consumer action with their campaigns, relying on Instagram as an effective and integral part of their marketing strategy. Over the next few months, we'll continue to bring new advertising solutions and features to businesses everywhere.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA