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October 13, 2015

Introducing the New @instagramforbusiness

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Today, we’re excited to launch the new @instagramforbusiness account as a source of inspiration for the business community. Businesses have been an integral part of the platform’s ecosystem since we began, and with the launch of Instagram ads worldwide, more and more businesses will use the platform to tell their business’ story.

Each week, we’ll run exclusive, behind-the-scenes stories that inspire, inform and showcase the work done by three important groups in our business community from all around the world—brands, small businesses and creative agencies.

Ben & Jerry’s is helping us kick off the launch today—representing the brand community on Instagram. The globally loved ice cream company, known for their premium flavors and ethical conscience, has always had a strong organic presence, and was one of the first brands to advertise on our platform.

From a very early stage, we realized how powerful Instagram was in connecting with our fans and telling our story. We want to talk to fans where they are, whether that’s at a music festival or on social media. As more of our fans joined Instagram, we leveraged advertising to reach even more of them.
Mike Hayes, Global Digital Marketing Manager (@benandjerrys)

Since joining in 2011, Ben & Jerry’s has evolved their visual identity by being on the platform.

Instagram has made us realize, there isn’t one way to tell a story. There’s lots of different ways and approaches. For the 30 years we were in business before Instagram, Ben & Jerry’s leveraged mainly illustrations to create our identity and to tell our stories. When we first joined Instagram, we didn’t really know what to take pictures of, or have a photography style. Over the last 4 years, we’ve developed our own style and have leveraged Instagram to connect with fans all over the world.
Mike Hayes, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Ben & Jerry's

So what’s their secret to their Instagram success? Hayes attributes it to their community.

We are still amazed to this day about how passionate our fans our. Not only in terms of engaging with our own posts, but also sharing pictures of themselves eating Ben & Jerry’s. Instagram has allowed us to leverage the relationship we have with our fans and make them even stronger.
Mike Hayes, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Ben & Jerry's

Over the next week, we’ll be rolling out our launch with help from Flowers for Dreams in Chicago—representing small business, and BBDO New York representing creative agencies everywhere. Visit @instagramforbusiness to follow along.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA