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November 12, 2018

Business Brought to Life: Instagram Pop Up Shop

Small businesses with an online-only presence are thriving on Instagram, but what would it be like to see these brands brought to life in a traditional brick and mortar store?

Last month we found out exactly that when we invited 6 popular UK small businesses to bring their brands along to the Instagram Pop Up Shop in Covent Garden, London. For those of you who weren’t able to join us there, here are some of the highlights from the 2 days.

Refreshing Start

The Instagram Pop Up Shop kicked off with a discussion panel moderated by entrepreneur and influencer Freddie Harrel with the founders of RIXO, Scamp & Dude and Never Fully Dressed.

The panel explored each of the founders’ eureka moments in finding their success on Instagram, as well as how they engage their audiences and what it takes to keep up with the ever-evolving habits of today’s shoppers.

Media platforms have changed shopping completely and it continues to change. Back in the early days you might have sent someone to click the link in the bio and now we’ve got Instagram shopping tags which is amazing!

One thing that stood out amongst all of these successful entrepreneurs was their excitement for Shopping on Instagram and the opportunities that this new feature has created for them—from its ease of use, to how well it connects their customers to what counts.

We add the shopping basket to almost all of our posts and it’s amazing how now someone can see all your website imagery. It’s so simple and makes it really easy.
School’s in Session

Stories on Instagram have become a powerful and effective way for businesses to share exclusive “backstage” content with their audiences and draw them deeper into the brand:

Stories feel more personal and help our audience feel involved. It’s a lovely way to grow the community.

With their ephemeral, 24-hour lifespan and vertical orientation that’s perfect for mobile viewing, Instagram Stories is encouraging businesses to think and play creatively in new ways.

We’ve put together an interactive learning session to help small businesses understand stories better and be inspired in how they use them. If you’d think you’d like to know more, visit our Story School website.

See, Tap, Shop

Shoppers who came along to the Instagram Pop Up Shop got the rare chance to meet and talk with the founders of some of their favorite fashion and lifestyle brands—and pick up some choice items from the capsule collections that they had on show. Here’s a look at who was there:

Instagram post from @rixolondon

@rixo was created by best friends Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey and is best known for their quirky and fun vintage-inspired prints.

Instagram post from @neverfullydressed

@neverfullydressed brought along the bold print designs and wrap dresses that have gained them an international following.

@haeckels Instagram business profile

@haeckels travelled into the city from their coastline headquarters in Margate to share their gorgeous natural skincare and fragrance lines.

Instagram post from @scampanddude

@scampanddude is a clothing and accessories brand for mothers and children designed to make children feel “like a superhero has always got their back”.

Instagram post from @carrie_elizabeth_jewellery

@carrie_elizabeth_jewellery brought along their dazzlingly beautiful, but refreshingly affordable demi-fine jewellery collection.

Instagram post from @oh_squirrel

@oh_squirrel showcased their beautiful collection of handmade stationery—perfect gift items for people who are already looking ahead to Christmas!

Want some more?

We picked up some great tips from the attendees on how to stand out and find success on Instagram as a small business. Find out everything we learned by downloading this handy guide.