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June 6, 2022

How Alexandra Winbush Used Instagram Shopping to Build a Self-Care Business Online

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

“Why just buy a candle when you could purchase an experience?” That’s the question ecommerce website Alexandra Winbush (@thealexandrawinbush) seeks to answer. Founded by entrepreneur and actress Brittney Winbush (@voguebritt), the business curates and creates self-care moments delivered straight to your door.

“My journey to launching Alexandra Winbush started from my struggle with depression,” reveals Brittney. “After surviving a house fire, I struggled with the feeling of displacement. I felt uncomfortable in my space and had a lingering fear on my back. Alexandra Winbush offers ‘a piece of peace’ through our self-care kits, which include hand-poured scented candles, natural tea leaves and an accompanying playlist to match the mood of each set. With a mission of creating safe spaces for people of color along their mental health journey, we are creating positive energy in spaces and communities both online and in real life.”

Below, Brittney shares how Instagram Shopping tools have helped her build her business online and reach her business goals.

How do you get your brand message across on Instagram?

I get my brand message across through engaging content that gives me the space to share my mission while also having content that gives my community the ability to open up and share, because ultimately, our message is centered around creating a safe space—and that’s exactly what we’re doing through Instagram.

What’s your approach to how you curate your shop on Instagram?

When curating my shop, I want it to be engaging and concise—using images that capture a customer's attention and details that make the purchasing decision easy.

What do you hope customers take away from your products?

I want my customers to feel that they have the power to create whatever space they are in need of. I want them to feel the comfort and warmth through my candles, tea and the playlists that are provided.

Quote from Brittney Winbush

How does Instagram help you reach new customers?

How doesn’t Instagram help me reach new customers?! Through the series I create that tap into different audiences like our yoga series "DTF, down to flow" or going live with other business owners and sharing our communities with one another, I even get new customers through my personal page and the series I started "Week in Review" a year ago.

What advice do you have for other small businesses getting started on Instagram shopping?

Think about the story you want to tell and keep that in mind through every part of your shop, from the photos to the descriptions. Tell that story!

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What do you look for from a brand when you're shopping on Instagram?

I’m looking for those details! When I’m taking some time to shop on Instagram, the goal is to stay on the page.

As a business owner, what's been the most personally rewarding part of sharing your business on Instagram?

Being able to connect with people I may have never met before and create a family-like community for my business. It’s always such an exciting moment when I do finally get to see some of those familiar faces from Instagram, and we already feel like we know one another.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA