In a campaign on Instagram and Facebook to increase awareness about diabetes, Novo Nordisk ran interactive video poll ads and saw a 28% engagement rate.

Global healthcare company

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company that has been making medicines to help people with diabetes lead longer, healthier lives for 100 years. This heritage has given the company experience and capabilities to drive change and help people defeat other serious chronic diseases.


poll responses


engagement rate with poll ads (for every four ads served, at least one person engaged directly with the ad)


post engagements

Adding new and innovative opportunities to engage with our audience enables us to stand out and drive impact with patient and caregiver communities while also outperforming industry benchmarks, which makes the investment much more meaningful. We are eager to move forward and test other unexplored ad formats on Instagram after the success we experienced with the interactive poll ads.
Engaging with the diabetes community

Novo Nordisk wanted to raise awareness about what living with diabetes is really like and increase community engagement with patients and caregivers.

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Integrating an interactive ad format

Novo Nordisk wanted to run an innovative ad campaign during Diabetes Awareness Month as a means of introducing the company to patients living with diabetes and their caregivers in a relevant and meaningful way. The company decided to use poll ads—an interactive ad format that it had never used—to connect with these audiences and boost community engagement.

Novo Nordisk’s social creative agency of record, BCW, developed the creative strategy and built the poll ad assets, ran the campaign promotion and executed the media. Adopting the campaign theme of “Diabetes In Real Life (IRL),” the team wanted to showcase Novo Nordisk’s support and relatability to audiences and help them to feel that they are not alone.

Instead of simply sharing mundane facts and figures, the poll ads gave people a way to engage with the content rather than passively view it. To create a natural connection with audiences, the interactive content reflected questions and experiences that members of the community face on a daily basis.

For example, one poll ad asked people to: “Imagine this—Your alarm goes off in the morning. You decide to either: “Hit the snooze button” or “Check your blood sugar.” When a viewer clicked on one of these poll answers, a pop-up window displayed the percentage of other people who had chosen that same option, followed by an educational message emphasizing that “A day of diabetes management starts the moment you wake up.”

Novo Nordisk delivered the poll ads in Instagram Stories and Facebook Feed, and showed them to US adults aged 25 and over and to a Custom Audience of people who had previously viewed corporate video content on Novo Nordisk’s website within the past 365 days.

Novo Nordisk determined the results of its November 23–December 31, 2022 poll ad campaign using reporting data from Meta Ads Manager, which revealed:

  • 27,122 poll responses
  • 28% engagement rate with poll ads (for every four ads served, at least one person engaged directly with the ad)
  • 167,873 post engagements
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Meta’s diverse ad capabilities enabled us to reach patients and caregivers in a new, engaging way and provide content that supports several corporate and social good initiatives. Since launching, our campaigns have reached over 1.5 million people—garnering new followers for our US Instagram and Facebook accounts, and increasing levels of quality traffic to our website compared to historic performance.