Luxury beauty brand Lancôme Turkey added ads in Instagram Stories to its Mother’s Day campaign to encourage people to sample its new fragrance—successfully increasing leads and lowering costs.

Enhancing natural beauty

Started in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, Lancôme is a luxury brand that sells skincare, makeup and perfume in over 130 countries globally. The beauty brand’s mission is to empower women of all ages and skin colors to embrace their beauty and femininity.


increase in leads with ads in Stories


lower cost per lead with ads in Stories

Considering the rising rates of Instagram Story usage in Turkey, the campaign is a great way of offering samples with higher reach and lower costs to right customer audience.
From samples to sales

The beauty company wanted to raise awareness of its new fragrance during Mother’s Day and persuade new and existing customers to try a sample and ultimately buy the product.

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Creating a Mother’s Day moment

Lancôme and its agency, SEM, planned an integrated campaign for Mother's Day to launch La Nuit Trésor to reach the target audience and encourage them to make a purchase after sampling the product. The brand ran a series of video ads that featured the new fragrance and celebrity Penelope Cruz. In addition to running ads offline and on Facebook, the beauty brand also added ads in Instagram Stories. The ads in Instagram Stories were used to acquire leads: when viewers saw the ad, they could Swipe Up to request a sample of the fragrance.

To reach a wide audience, Lancôme targeted the ads to women 18 and older and also created a lookalike audience to ensure it was reaching women who would be most interested in the product.

By adding ads in Instagram Stories to its marketing mix, Lancôme saw strong results. It lowered its cost per lead by 66% and increased leads by 4X.