Mobile game developer Huuuge Games, with the help of Facebook Marketing Partner Bidalgo, used immersive Instagram Stories to reach potential new players and encourage them to download and play its Huuuge Casino game, resulting in a significantly higher return on ad spend compared to other ad placements.

A mobile gaming hit

Huuuge Games is a developer of social games for mobile devices. It has created popular games like Huuuge Casino, a free-to-play multi-player game that lets people play Vegas-style slots and win coins.


higher return on ad spend, compared to other ad channels


higher payers’ rate, compared to other ad channels


lower cost per acquisition, compared to other ad channels

Instagram Stories is a great ad format, delivering great results. It is great to work with a partner like Bidalgo that keeps pushing new features and ad types as soon as they are out.
Boosting app awareness

Huuuge Games wanted to increase awareness of its Huuuge Casino app by providing potential players with an immersive experience, and encouraging them to download and play the game.

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Playing with Stories

Bidalgo knew Instagram Stories would be a powerful tool in reaching potential new players for the Huuuge Casino game. So when the ad format became available to mobile app advertisers through the Facebook API, Huuuge Games and Bidalgo jumped at the opportunity.

Partnering with ad technology provider and Facebook Marketing Partner Bidalgo, and running on Bidalgo’s advertising platform, the Huuuge Games team used data from its top-performing ads to develop creative that featured actual game play. These short vertical video clips not only simulated the game experience, but expanded to fill the entire screen on people’s mobile devices, capturing their full attention and making for a truly immersive and engaging ad.

Like a mobile app install ad, the “Play Game” call to action in the story directed people to the appropriate mobile app store where they could download the game.

The team targeted its ads to people in the US and around the world aged 25 and older. It also created a Custom Audience of its top paying players, and targeted a lookalike audience based on this Custom Audience.

It didn’t take long before Instagram Stories outperformed Huuuge Games’ other ad formats. Not only did the immersive story yield a 61% higher return on ad spend—at a 24% lower cost per acquisition—but it also achieved an impressive 91% higher payers’ rate.

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