When Greenpeace Brazil used ads in Instagram Stories to collect signatures for a petition to build a marine sanctuary in Antarctica, it recruited 2,633 people in just 10 days—at a cost 5.7X lower than its established goal.

For a greener world

Operating in Brazil since 1992, Greenpeace is an independent global organization that works to protect the environment and promote peace by inspiring people to change their outlooks and behaviors.


lower cost per signature than the established campaign goal


signatures during the 10-day campaign


of leads were converted into signatures on the petition

We had a wonderful surprise when we used Instagram Stories! Through this experience, we saw how important it is to keep innovating in the formats we use in our campaigns. With just one ad in Instagram Stories, we were able to exceed the results of a variety of other media types. We will keep investing in this channel, always looking for new ways to get even closer to our audience.
Converting leads into signatures

Greenpeace Brazil’s goal was to get more signatures for a petition to create a sanctuary for penguins and other marine life in Antarctica, at a cost of less than R$ 3.00 per lead.

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Creating impact to engage

Christened “March of the Penguins Around the World,” the Greenpeace Brazil campaign sought to attract signatures for a petition to build a refuge in Antarctica to shelter penguins, seals and whales and keep them outside of the reach of industrial fishing boats. With a large number of people in favor of building the sanctuary, the organization was able to put political pressure on the governments who are responsible for the continent.

Between January 20–30, 2018, Greenpeace Brazil ran a 13-second ad in Instagram Stories showing the best photos of the March of the Penguins, an event where several of the animals appeared at tourist locations around the world. At the end of the video, there was a call-to-action to encourage people to sign the petition.

The organization showed its quick, engaging message to two audiences: one broad audience segment and also a lookalike audience of people who had already signed the petition, which increased the probability of conversion. During this 10-day campaign, Greenpeace Brazil gained 2,633 signatures for its petition at a cost 5.7X lower than the established target: additionally, 56.5% of leads went on to sign the petition.