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Try these tips to improve your Instagram Stories ads.

When you launch campaigns with Stories Ads, use automatic placements to achieve a more efficient delivery and better results.

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  • Create for vertical.
    Design your creative specifically for stories—fullscreen, vertical assets that incorporate the Instagram Stories experience, design and/or creative tools.
  • Begin with your brand.
    Stories is a fast environment, so every second matters. Integrate branded elements like logos and products at the start of your creative to capture attention and aid in brand recall.
  • Enhance with motion and sound.
    Create ads that leverage speed as a creative element and enhance static creative with motion to capture and keep attention. Use voice-over or music as creative tools to enhance the message and value proposition of your brand or product.
  • Pair text with a focal point.
    Pair text with key shots to draw attention to the focal point, and make sure your text doesn’t clutter or distract from your image or video.
  • Emphasize the CTA.

Engage audiences with creative elements like question or poll stickers in Instagram Stories.
Or, try using poll stickers in your stories ads. Audience answers will be available to you so you can learn more about customer preferences and what matters most to them.

Use Shopping Stickers in stories to tag products from your catalog or feature your website using the link sticker to encourage people to shop your products wherever they love to shop.

Our network of trusted Meta Business Partners can help you to create custom stories ads to showcase your products on Instagram.

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