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With over 140 billion Reels plays across Instagram and Facebook each day, Reels helps you grow your community, hop on trends, and collaborate with inspiring creators. Experiment and find your way with Reels.

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Entertaining storytelling drives discovery for your business


Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned Reels creator, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Reels.


Reels ads can help you reach your business goals.

Learn the ingredients for impactful Reels ads with our tactical guide.

How to build effective Reels Ads

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Templates are a great way to easily get started with Reels. Templates allow you to borrow the structure of another reel, pre-loading the clips and audi o so all you need to do is upload pictures or video clips in the pre-edited reel! For more tips on how to get started, check out our guide - How-to create a reel on Instagram step-by-step.

  • Open your reel with a strong hook in the first 5 seconds (i.e. 3 ways to style this outfit) to encourage your audience to view your reel until the end.
  • Invite your community to interact with your reel with stickers like poll, quiz, and emoji slider. Encourage people to share feedback in your comments, and respond to the comments with reels to build community.
  • Relate to your audience, connect with passions you share with your audience, or teach people something new! Use voiceover and timed text to reinforce your product and brand message.

Find inspiration by searching hashtags from your industry, or Remix a reel that you may find trending in the Reels tab. For weekly inspiration, check out the Reels Trend Report.

Video posts under 15 minutes are shared as reels and have access to reels creative editing tools to help you make your videos more fun and engaging. If your account is public, reels under 90 seconds are eligible to be recommended and seen by more people on Instagram.

When using Meta Ads manager, you can use image and video assets for your ads in Reels. We recommend leveraging Advantage+ Placements and using Placement Asset Customization to upload creative built for Reels. When using Boost in the Instagram app, reels must be less than 60 seconds with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Use of copyrighted music, gifs, interactive stickers, face/camera filters in a reel, or sharing the reel to Facebook makes the reel ineligible for boosting at this time.

Go to the Reels tab on your Instagram profile. Select the reel you’d like to view metrics for. Tap the three dots, and tap View Insights. You’ll be able to see how many likes, comments, saves, and shares your post got, as well as other engagement and post interactions metrics, like accounts reached and plays.

For public accounts, anyone on Instagram can see and share your reels. If your reel is under 90 seconds, it is also eligible to be recommended and seen by more people on Instagram. If your account is private, your reel will only be shown to your followers.

Tap the three dots at the bottom of the reel you want to remix. Tap Remix this Reel, then record your reel.