Create successful Instagram posts.

Learn how to make inspiring Reels, photos and carousels that can bring your brand to life and help grow your community.

Share a post in just three steps.

Learn the basics of posting entertaining Reels and captivating photos.

Create engaging content
Step 1

Create engaging content.

Every post is an opportunity to connect with your community, whether it be in a Reel, photo or carousel.

Get discovered with entertaining, original videos.

  • Engage viewers with transitions and effects.
  • Emphasise key points with timed text.
  • Bring your clips to life with audio.
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Show off your products with eye-catching imagery.

  • Highlight unique features by showing products in use.
  • Keep colours consistent with your brand.
  • Use natural light for bright, balanced photos.
Instagram post with photo of eye makeup

Tell a deeper story with up to ten photos or videos.

  • Feature eye-catching content on the first slide.
  • Mix photos and videos for a compelling narrative.
  • Try different angles to highlight benefits.
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Step 2

Write a compelling caption.

Once your content is ready, it’s time to craft a caption that captures what your post is all about.

  • Lead with the most important information.
  • Use a consistent and personal tone.
  • Keep copy short and to the point.
  • Encourage action with simple, direct text.
Step 3

Add helpful tags.

You’re almost ready to post! Adding tags before you share helps customers discover and learn about your business.

  • Use hashtags to make posts more discoverable.
  • Tag partners to bring them into the conversation.
  • Add your location so customers can find your business.
  • Try product tags to make it easier to purchase.
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