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Follow these tips to create the most impact with Instagram Feed.

Post a mix of photos and videos to engage your audience in Feed, and use colors consistent with your brand look and feel. Your feed on your profile is like your virtual storefront—when a new customer visits your profile, they should quickly be able to understand what your brand is about.

There is no magic number of times to post per week, but consistency is key to keep loyal customers engaged. Try creating a content calendar to plan out your posts and create a consistent pipeline of new content.

To get the most out of your posts, make sure to include captions. You can use this space to describe what's in the photo or video, or to build your brand identity.

Try using hashtags to boost discovery of your posts, or tag other people in your captions to give them credit. Invite audience engagement by asking a question or encouraging them to comment or share.

Instagram is full of places where you can find inspiration for what to post next.

  • Take a look at your own feed to see what’s trending.
  • Search for businesses like yours to discover what drives engagement and results.
  • Read through customer feedback in the comments to guide your future content.
  • Remember that you can save posts to add it to a collection or mood board for you to return to later.

Showcase your products in ways that will inspire and educate your audience about their benefits. Experiment with different ways to feature your products to learn what your community responds to best.

Having a consistent look and feel throughout your Instagram profile can help build your brand identity.

  • Try establishing a cohesive aesthetic by using a consistent color palette and filter in all of your posts.
  • Shoot or create content in bulk to help maintain a similar look and feel.
  • Create mood boards for inspiration using Saves.
  • Archive the posts on your profile that feel out of place.

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