Your guide to letting people discover and buy your products directly on Instagram


The entire shopping journey—all in one place. Instagram Checkout makes it quick, easy and secure for people to buy products they find on Instagram, without leaving the app.

Shop on profile
Shop on Profile

The shop icon is an entry point for people to buy directly from your Instagram profile. Your Instagram Shop page features all products from your catalog that you’ve tagged in feed or stories.

Ignite Discovery through Explore
Ignite discovery through Explore

Instagram's Explore tab is an additional discovery path for your shoppable posts. After connecting your catalog to Instagram, you can begin adding shopping tags to posts and stories. Your tagged media can be featured in Explore for Instagram's audience to discover.


Implement these best practices to optimize your Instagram Shop.

Use clear and consistent product catalog imagery

When uploading to catalog, present your products as they're shown on your website. Avoid cropping or resizing images for Instagram, and ensure products are centered and clearly visible against clean backgrounds.

Provide context

Add multiple product images to give people a clearer idea of what your product looks like. Consider showing different product angles, color variants, model sizes or skin tones.

Outdoor Voices uses media carousels to feature models of different skin tones and sizes. They also highlight unique product features to help drive consideration.

Use multiple formats

When uploading to catalog, video is helpful to show movement, if that’s important for the product (e.g. a makeup tutorial or a flowy dress).

Tanya Taylor uses video to highlight the movement and flexibility of her dresses, with close-up shots of her floral patterns.

Encourage creator tagged posts

Posts tagged by creators will auto-populate into your product details pages. By collaborating with creators who align with your brand, you can help increase the visibility of your shop and broaden the diversity of your product imagery.

Anastasia Beverly Hills creates vibrant product pages by utilizing multiple formats and leveraging creators to tag their products.



Update your catalog with accurate inventory counts and product category codes.

Product names

Ensure product names are concise and consistent with your website.

Product descriptions

When uploading a product to your catalog, write a description of the item, including length, materials, cut and size considerations. For non-US sizes, remember to include size conversions.


Make sure size details are clear. If a product is offered in multiple sizes, ensure you have inventory for each size.

Ship fees

You can set different types of ship fees, including free shipping minimums at different service levels. Set your shipping options in Commerce Manager settings.


Make sure prices are accurate and consistent with your website.

Let people know your Instagram shop is open for business

Share the good news in feed and stories

Build excitement for products at Checkout

Show your audience how to buy step by step

Instagram Checkout

Your Turn

Make fit happen


Follow these creative best practices to drive consideration of your products.

Build confidence
Build confidence

Developing content and creative that helps inform your followers about the products they are shopping makes purchase decisions that much easier. 3 ways to encourage your customers to purchase.

  • Try on the product and provide styling tips

  • Address sizing and fit

  • Use the questions feature in stories to generate questions your customers have

Aimee Song of @songofstyle uses Instagram stories to encourage questions, offer sizing advice, and give personal styling tips. These techniques help potential customers feel comfortable about making a purchase.

Pro tip

Pin the most frequently asked questions in stories to your highlights. It's an easy way to help your audience find the answers they need.


Instagram is at the intersection of community and culture—and the best marketing strategies leverage both. Follow these tips to maximize impact and drive sales with Checkout.

Align with cultural moments

Identify cultural moments that matter to your brand and audience, then create shopping content relevant to those moments.

Case study

On Draft Day, the NFL posted media of players in their new teams' hats as draft picks were announced. Followers were able to celebrate their team's picks by buying these special edition hats to commemorate this exciting moment.

How they did it

The NFL used simple but strong CTAs in the caption to drive urgency without distracting from the cultural moment itself.

Key takeaway

Aligning with a cultural moment relevant to your brand or product can reach audiences in an authentic way and drive incremental sales.

Collaborate with creators
Collaborate with creators

With the collaboration tool, creators can tag specific products on Instagram, allowing people to shop inspiring looks without leaving the app.

Branded content can:

  • Tap into culture

  • Drive discovery with new audiences

  • Inspire people to shop


Update your catalog so your products are available on your Shop profile
Update your catalog so your products are available on your Shop profile

Build out your approved accounts list with creators that have access to your brand
Build out your approved accounts list with creators that have access to your brand

Highlight the products in your catalog that you want creators to promote
Highlight the products in your catalog that you want creators to promote

Case study

To make the most of their existing partnerships, Revolve brought 80 creators to Mexico to collaborate on shoppable brand content. Revolve was able to deploy this content throughout their campaign, maintaining a steady flow of shoppable branded content.

How they did it

Revolve brought 80 influencers on a summer getaway for #RevolveSummer to create content and drive discovery for their brand.

“Creators drove the majority of reach for Revolve—more than half of [our] total campaign impressions were driven by participating creators.”

— Elisa Kosonen Aritzia Senior Manager, Social Media

Key takeaway

Align with creators relevant to your brand or product to drive incremental sales.


• Education is key

Give your creators tutorials so they know how to tag products ahead of your big moment.

• Creators know their stuff

Creators know their audience and style best. Lean on creators’ expertise to produce visuals and captions that feel authentic to them. Provide guidance, with room for them to apply their own creative lens.

Launch products exclusively on Instagram
Launch products exclusively on Instagram

Plan a product launch specific to Instagram to drive sales and create your own cultural moment.


Choose your product

Select a product that you're able to release at a specific day and time.

Build anticipation

Leverage all of your channels (e.g. feed, stories, creators) to tease the product and features before launch.

Educate your audience

Make it as easy as possible for people who are new to Checkout to purchase your product. Show them how to enter their payment information early so they can buy quickly and easily at launch.

Consider your inventory

Prior to launch, consider the amount of inventory you've set aside for Instagram-specific purchases. If inventory is limited, be sure to monitor sales closely to ensure fulfillment.

Launch loud

Utilize the hype and excitement around launch day to create content about the release.

Instagram Checkout

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Learn Practices grow

Shirt will say checkout


Make it exclusive

Launching or offering a product exclusively on Instagram can drive urgency, with people understanding the limited window of opportunity to purchase.

Tease early

Some product purchase decisions require more information and should have a longer pre-launch promotion than others. Higher priced products, multi-piece collections and varying size options all require additional consideration time.

Communicate clearly

Ensure that all promotional channels tell people where, when and how to purchase the product being launched. Include timezone specifics, purchase restrictions and any other details people need to know to purchase.

Collaborate to create

Partnering with a creator to launch a custom product allows you to feed off of the hype of multiple fanbases.

Chinatown Market
Case study
Chinatown Market

Pre-product launch, Chinatown Market posted tutorial videos and stories showing their followers how to set up payments for Checkout and use Instagram Shopping.

How they did it

Chinatown Market posted content across all of their channels to generate pre- awareness for their upcoming $10 t-shirt launch.

Key takeaway

Provide guidance for followers in your own voice to make promotion impactful and purchases easy.

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