Instagram Direct

Build personal relationships with your customers and grow your business with Instagram messaging.

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Create the best messaging experiences with these tips for Instagram Direct.

Responsiveness is key to building any strong relationship.

Consider using an instant reply or automated response to create an away message, share available hours for live chat or provide an estimated response time if immediate engagement is not possible.

Acknowledging receipt of a message, even when you're unavailable, helps build customer trust.

People that message you are likely interested in your brand or have been a previous customer. Reflect what they love about your business into your messages and conversations.

Every conversation is an opportunity to build relationships and grow your business. Engage with brand love messages, and respond to Story mentions when relevant.

Try sharing Stories, posts, images, links and videos to connect with your customers, help them find what they need and resolve their issues.

One-to-one messaging also presents a great opportunity to introduce new products or services, provide guided buying experiences and gather valuable customer feedback.

Ice Breakers are a fun, easy way to start a conversation.

Quick Reply offers predetermined prompts for customers to choose from to get answers and information quickly. These features can help guide your conversations, increasing your ability to respond to more messages.