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31 July 2019

What’s cooking on Instagram: 5 food and drink trends marketers need to know

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Instagram is a well-known haven for foodies. In fact, food and drink is the most popular topic for Instagrammers in the UK, with 39% of people in the UK who use the platform to pursue their interests declaring themselves food and drink aficionados. That’s more than the number of people following music, fashion or travel.1

But keeping up with this fast-moving community can be a challenge. That’s why, with international consultancy Accenture and research agency Canvas 8, we’ve created a new report, Connected Consumption, sharing 5 major ways marketers can appeal to the #foodstagram generation right now. Download the new Instagram report Connected Consumption.

In our new report, you will gain access to:

Exclusive new consumer insights

Facebook IQ commissioned Accenture to survey 1,666 people in the UK ages 18 and over on their food and drink preferences. The study revealed people’s changing relationships with food, uncovering five trends impacting the industry today. Among the findings:

  • 3 in 10 UK food shoppers who use social media sites/apps to decide what new food product to buy, say that posts from brands they follow are helpful.

  • 31% of UK food shoppers who follow social media influencers or celebrities for their content on food, say they can relate to the influencers/celebrities they follow.

  • 1 in 3 of UK food shoppers who are weekly users of Instagram typically come across new food or recipe ideas they want to try on the platform.

For more insights, including country-specific findings, download Connected Consumption report.

Key food and drink trends on Instagram

From the rise of ‘healthy hedonism’ to the growing taste for gut-friendly fermented drinks, new dishes and drinks flourish on Instagram. We’ve identified 5 emerging trends that brands can tap into to connect with today’s discerning customers. In the report we explore:

  • The importance of novelty in food and drink marketing

  • The rise of sustainable packaging and the zero-waste movement

  • The age of the foodie influencer

Through a picture or post on Instagram, you can take an everyday product and put it into a non everyday setting. It’s much easier to get people thinking along different lines than trying to explain it. You can just visually grasp it.
Profiles of food and drink brands winning on Instagram

Looking for inspiration for your food and drink marketing on Instagram? We’ve rounded up best-in-class examples of campaigns and success stories that have made mouths water.

In Connected Consumption, we’ll take you behind the scenes with everyone from major brands like Walkers to startups like organic frozen food company Batch Organics. We’ll look at how they are using Instagram Stories and video ads to:

  • Launch new products

  • Offer vouchers and lower cost per purchase

  • Run successful brand campaigns

To learn how other brands are connecting with customers and driving sales on Instagram, download Connected Consumption now.

Turning Consumer Trends into Actions on Instagram
Use interactivity in Instagram ads

500 million Instagram accounts are using Instagram Stories every day, and so are some of the world's biggest brands. Fullscreen, ephemeral and native stories are helping businesses tell bigger, faster and stronger brand stories. And interactive elements, such as polls and questions, bring people closer together by enabling direct participation in the shared expression.

Now businesses can engage with audiences beyond their followers by using interactive elements in stories ads, starting with the polling sticker.

60% of businesses on Instagram Stories use an interactive element in their organic story – hashtag, @mention or poll sticker – every month. See case study example from Dunkin and find out more here.

Ads in Explore

Look to reach more people by using hashtags in your caption and adding a location tag to your post. Explore is one of the best places for people to discover, shop and connect with people, businesses and creators. More than 50% of accounts on Instagram use Explore every month. It's where people go when they want to see photos and videos related to their interests from accounts they may not already follow. See more information here.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA