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December 21, 2020

What’s Trending - Drops: The Art Of Hype

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Update - December 15, 2023: Product Launches, also known as Drops, has been removed, as well as Product Launch-specific insights, and is no longer available. This decision was part of an ongoing commitment to evolve our offerings to provide the most valuable products and features.

What do a McDonald's burger and a cutting-edge fashion designer have in common? A viral collaboration that sold out in seconds.

As made popular through a sales tactic in the fashion industry, limited releases — or drops — consist of releasing limited-edition products or small collections that won’t be restocked. It’s no coincidence that drops became popular during the e-commerce boom: in an effort to meet the demands of an always-on shopper, small-batch launches and anticipated releases would make products feel more special and desirable by the masses.

Now, businesses from around the world are applying the drop strategy to different objectives. And this time, promoting less reveals more: a simple product post and a release date can seal a sale. The three examples below give us a glimpse of how the drop strategy is evolving to meet shopping desires and business needs, and also outline the different ways you can bring this trend to life with your own business.

Engage a New Customer Base

Businesses are showing a new side of themselves with surprising collaborations. Earlier this year, McDonald’s Taiwan collaborated with high-end fashion designer Apujan to create a series of stylish package designs and jet-black burgers. Collaborating with a fashion brand made the global fast-food company feel elevated and attracted a younger generation of consumers.

By announcing a limited-release product on Instagram, McDonald’s positioned their familiar burger as something never-before-seen and found new customers in the process. Like McDonalds, you can share your surprise drop with a simple post on Stories and in feed. Want customers to keep you in mind? Learn how to add a countdown clock and other stickers on Instagram.

Focus On A Purpose

Decide a purpose and stick with it. Whether it's a special partnership or an important cause, finding focus is key. According to Facebook IQ1, over half of consumers globally say it’s important that the brands they buy from support the same values they believe in. Collaborating with charitable foundations can show — rather than tell — customers what your business stands for.

To celebrate the launch of their shop on Instagram, Baggu commissioned artist and activist Sage Adams to design an only-on-Instagram product that gave 100% of the proceeds to Border Kindness. Baggu’s initiative gave Sage the creative runway to design a bag for the cause, and that creativity inspired action.

For Baggu, the purpose of this drop was to bring traffic to their shop, while also doing some good. But you can also bring positive change without a partnership. With donation stickers, businesses can add a purpose component to any campaign.

Create Demand

For drops, working with niche creators can increase your appeal - no matter the size of your business. That’s why retail chain C&A Brasil teamed up with the creative powerhouses at Obvious Agency to bring culture and content to a limited release collection.

The São Paulo-based agency is known for their whimsical projects and creativity, and with C&A’s retail expertise, the two businesses were able to scale a small collection that sold out in seconds. To create demand and intrigue, the agency released content that showcased their brand’s authentic voice. Thinking about your own dream collab? Partnering with creators is even easier with new branded content features in the app. Learn more about Branded Content features.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA