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September 1, 2021

Tap Into Emerging Fall Trends to Reach Shoppers on Instagram

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Every day, people come to Instagram to connect with who and what they love and be a part of culture. Whether it be connecting with small businesses setting new beauty standards or young creators defining a new wave of Grunge, Instagram has become the place to discover and shop the latest trends.

That’s why each season, Instagram’s @shop editorial team uncovers upcoming trends happening in culture — like niche forms of self-expression, visual aesthetics, trendsetters and more — to release Instagram Insider, a fashion and beauty zine on emerging trends. Today we’re sharing the fall issue of Instagram Insider and the influential businesses and people behind this season’s trends.

Businesses with a shop on Instagram can latch onto the trends highlighted in Instagram Insider to drive interest among new and existing shoppers on Instagram. Some of the featured trends include:

C’mon Get Happy:

People want more joy in their life after a tough year. Think bright, fun designers, electric neons, kitschy prints and upbeat motifs.

Featuring @bailliecelene, jewelry made in Northern Ireland

Image of a hand covered with butterfly clips from @bailliecelene
Two friends sit outdoors in an orange hammock from @kammok

The Great Outdoors:

A bright spot during the pandemic is the rise in appreciation for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and road trips. This has translated into activewear-inspired fashion like hiking boots, socks-sandals pairings, waterproof fabrics and modular accessories.

Featuring @kammok, an Austin, TX-based brand creating outdoor gear

Natural Hair:

The Instagram community is continuing to embrace natural hair and protective styles. These looks are about redefining beauty standards and emphasizing products that nourish hair versus damaging it. You can see the trend coming to life via braided styles like faux locs and passion twists and natural styles, plus wig styles like lace fronts, headbands and glueless options.

Featuring, the first U.S.-made, plant-based braiding hair

Image of the back of a woman's head, showcasing her braided hair from

As a Shopping business on Instagram, here are three ways that you can make the most out of trends that are gaining momentum.

  1. Make your items available for purchase with an updated product catalog. Your product catalog powers your shop on Instagram, so make sure it’s full of the latest, relevant inventory based on trends and conversation that your audience is engaging with on Instagram. Be sure to have accurate inventory counts in your catalog, provide rich product descriptions to help people learn more, and include a mix of several images and videos per product to help people see how the item looks to consider purchasing it. Read more catalog best practices.
  2. Drive discovery with product tags. Product tags allow businesses to highlight products directly from your product catalog into your posts, so people can tap on a tag and learn more in the moment of discovery. Create content based on topics that are gaining momentum on Instagram, then tag products within your content. The most successful Shopping businesses use product tags frequently across different formats — in feed, stories, Reels, IGTV, captions and Live — because people spend time in different places on Instagram.* Watch our quick video to learn how to tag products.
  3. Prepare your shop for sales with relevant collections. Collections are a tool for businesses to group products into themes that tell a story as a means to editorialize your shop. You can build collections based on trends on Instagram so people can browse your shop based on the most relevant themes of today.

For more tips on how to grow your shop on Instagram, see our guides and best practices here.

To see a full list of fall’s biggest trends, download Instagram Insider here.

Image of the Instagram Insider Fall 2021 header featuring three women posing

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA