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January 12, 2016

Thinking About Creative on Instagram: Three Small Businesses Weigh In

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Instagram is a diverse, global community of people who have a wide range of interests from lifestyle content and pop culture, to humor and sports. Now that advertisers have access to the same buying, targeting and measurement tools that they do on Facebook, creative content on Instagram is just as diverse and relevant as those interests. As a result, we’re seeing a range of creative approaches from businesses on the platform—from repurposing creative from other channels to creating unique content specific to Instagram.

Take a look at how three small businesses are successfully approaching creative on Instagram in different ways.

Sharing Content from Facebook

Online personalized photo print company, Artifact Uprising, has long had an organic presence on Instagram. After running campaigns on Facebook, they decided to try advertising on Instagram. Instead of creating unique creative content, Artifact Uprising ran similar imagery and messaging on Instagram as they did on Facebook to create a more holistic campaign across both platforms.

Not only did they spend little time creating content for Instagram, but Artifact Uprising saw great results.

Like many small businesses that are new on the platform, we’re excited for advertising on Instagram. We’re already seeing a 30% increase in performance by adding Instagram ads.
Devin Wyngard, Growth Marketing Manager, Artifact Uprising
Creating From Scratch

Creator of apparel and accessories with a literary and philanthropic touch, Out of Print, uses Instagram to connect with book lovers everywhere. For a holiday campaign, Out of Print wanted to run an ad that tied both to their brand and the season while inspiring customers to take action. They decided to experiment with a video ad of a disappearing gingerbread man decorated with the help of a talented employee. By pairing this simple stop motion video made from in-house resources with clever copy, they were able to spread awareness and holiday cheer among potential customers.

Our mission is to promote the joy and nostalgia of reading. Through our simple video, we were able to spark a conversation about a timeless story and build awareness for Out of Print.
Todd Lawton, Co-founder, Out of Print
Thinking Beyond a Photo

To encourage the practice of meditation and mindfulness on their app, Headspace turned to Instagram—running a series of illustration-based app install ads.

Our brand lends itself to a clean, visual medium like Instagram. We use illustrations and animations to tell our story and help users understand how Headspace works.
Megan Hohener, User Acquisition, Headspace

Each illustration places an emphasis on the benefits of Headspace meditation. As a result, Instagram has helped them increase app conversion by 30% and improved their ranking and discoverability on the app store.

Since Headspace meditation can benefit any person at any age, illustrations allow the viewer to create their own version of the Headspace world.
Megan Hohener, User Acquisition, Headspace

As you can see, small businesses take a variety of creative approaches on Instagram. Many of which aren’t elaborate or even resource-intensive. Whether you repurpose content from other channels or develop unique content, good and effective creative on Instagram simply represents your business in a visually interesting way.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA