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16 May 2020

The A-Z of Instagram Australia

BY: Instagram Business Team


2020 saw millions of Australians staying connected, supporting small businesses, and sparking joy on Instagram. Below, Instagram Australia shares the hashtags and creators that defined 2020, and the emerging trends to watch out for in 2021, with ‘The A-Z of Instagram’. Instagram has become the place where people and brands create, share and connect. So dive in and discover – because there’s something here for everyone.

A for #AlwaysWasAlwaysWillBe

Community. Connection. Empowerment. This year we witnessed Indigenous artists, activists, and small businesses using Instagram to celebrate culture, share stories, and raise their voices. We saw non-Indigenous Australians turn to Instagram to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to learn more about the movement for racial equity. This hashtag (the theme for NAIDOC Week 2020) saw a tenfold increase on Instagram over the past three months.
We open The A-Z of Instagram by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we meet, work and live, paying our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

B for @BuyFromTheBush

Aussies have always supported small businesses, and the devastating events of 2020 demonstrated how we come together and lend a hand in times of need. Instagram saw a 70% increase in the #ShopLocal hashtag in Australia, and more than 47 million stories using the 'Support Small Business' sticker were created across the world over the past three months. Grace Brennan’s @buyfromthebush account helped connect Australians everywhere with regional and remote businesses. In June 2020, a report showed that @buyfromthebush had generated over $5 million in sales for the Aussie businesses it has showcased on Instagram and Facebook, and one in five of those businesses hired new staff members as a result.

C for Cartoon-ing

Sometimes, the greatest truths are the simplest. Cartoon-ing and cartoon artists take this message to heart all over Instagram, as they serve up the funny, the philosophical, the highly relatable and the heart-warming. This year we’ve seen Australian artists use the platform to share their unique style and perspective—reminiscent of your Saturday morning newspaper, now to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere from your favourite artists online.

D for DIY

2020 had many of us spending more time at home, giving D.I.Y. a whole new meaning: Doing It (All!) Yourself. From unexpected iso-projects, to home improvement hacks, banana bread baking, sourdough starting, reconnecting with old hobbies or falling in love with new ones – Australians flocked to Instagram to share their expertise and spark inspiration during lockdown. And there’s no signs of slowing down, our DIY community is stronger than ever, and ready to share their tips and tricks across Instagram.

E for Explore

One tap of that little magnifying glass, and a whole new world is opened up to you on Instagram. Millions of Australians come to Instagram to discover new people and things they love, and the Explore page is our cornerstone of inspiration. More than 50% of accounts on Instagram use Explore every month. Now with Reels, IGTV, Stories and more accessible through Explore, it’s the place to find your new favorite accounts (or be discovered yourself!).

F for Food Coma

We’re talking true decadence, over the top, cheat-day kinda chow. This year, food enthusiasts all over Instagram are taking it to the next level: finding, making, sharing and of course EATING the kind of food stuff dreams are made of. No need to make it picture-perfect, just make sure it’s tasty AF. Follow along to find secret dining spots, recipes, or just to salivate at your screen. We’re not judging!

G for Girls in Gaming

From newcomers and novices to high-scoring creators - we salute the ladies bringing their A-game online. Sharing tips and tricks, building community, celebrating each other, and keeping us up with the latest in the world of gaming, we’ll be watching these female powerhouses as they continue to level up. And gaming is just one place we’re seeing women celebrated in their chosen field on Instagram, with #girlssupportinggirls a growing hashtag this year in Australia.

H for Home WorkOut

When our regular gym routine was paused (thanks 2020), there was no stopping our community who brought their fitness regime to Instagram instead. From living rooms and backyards all across Australia, the #homeworkout revolution saw us connecting online with yoga classes, dumb bells workouts, local run clubs, and live dance sessions beamed right to the palm of your hand.

I for IGTV

About 1/3 of all posts on Instagram are videos, and IGTV has become the way to express yourself with longer form content! Anything over 1 minute lives on IGTV, and we’re seeing Australians enjoy episodic content from creators, educational content, workouts and tutorials, and much more.

J for #Jumpsuits

Is the jumpsuit officially the most 2020 wardrobe item? Something about its versatility may explain the increase in Australians sharing #jumpsuits this year—a clothing piece that’s comfortable for #wfh days, beach trips, and office lewks. Seeing no sign of slowing, get your overalls, coveralls, boilersuits, dungarees, rompers and onesies on and suit up for the year ahead.

K for Keep It Real

We Aussies like to #keepitreal – and the trend for authenticity is one we’re increasingly embracing on Instagram. Perfection is passe, as we share #realtalk on our feeds and show unfiltered, everyday moments across Stories, Reels and Live. From body positivity to mental health awareness, we’re sharing our true selves to create communities of support and positivity.

L for Live

When in-person became impossible this year, we found new ways to be together online. Instagram Live allowed us to tune-in to real-time conversations, tutorials, work-outs, and much more. In fact, Australians’ use of Live doubled in just one month at the start of 2020. With new improvements that allow you to livestream for hours, Instagram Live has now cemented itself as a core tool for businesses, creators, leaders, and more to connect with their community.

M for Mental Wellbeing

Whether it’s posting positive affirmations or sharing experiences, 2020 has seen online platforms used to demystify and de-stigmatise mental health and wellness. Instagram is home to a growing number of communities and creators looking to share inspiration, information and – importantly – access to resources and support.

N for @nawalsari

Beauty tips, stylish fits, glowing skin, and positive vibes. Emerging style star Nawal Sari is our inspiration for her Modest Fashion lookbooks, product tips, and self-love energy. Instagram has always been home to an inclusive and diverse community, and this year has seen even more new stars celebrated for their unique perspectives.

O for Outback

Red dirt, road stops, loveable locals and breath-taking locations – the great Australian outback has it all. Our Aussie community is embracing the #HolidayHereThisYear trend in 2020, to explore our remarkable country and give our support to regional tourism businesses. Mark up that map, pack your bags, and get out to the outback with a little help from some friends on Instagram to plan your next adventure.

P for Permaculture

Developing a healthy home garden and ecosystem became a much higher priority for a lot of us this year, and these new habits are here to stay. Instagram continues to be a rich source of knowledge, inspiration and creativity for the #urbanfarmer in all of us. Whether it’s a patio planter box, vertical green wall, garden veggie patch or even a local beehive like @honey_fingers! Promoting biodiversity at home makes life a little greener and cleaner for all of us.

Q for Quirky Pets

2020 needed all the warm and fuzzies we could get… which is why pet accounts are bigger and quirkier than ever! Pets are some of the biggest winners out of 2020, having their owners home a lot more than usual. From alpacas to wombats to bizarre looking pups—man’s best friend might look a little different and diverse these days, but the love (and the followers) are still so strong!

R for Reels

Your new home for entertainment, and the place to be discovered on a global stage! Reels launched this year as the way to create short-form edited videos. Aussie culture is showing up in a big way on Reels—whether it’s swooping magpies on @browncardigan, 10-second make-up looks from @rowisingh, or well-being advice from @chiliphilly. We’re seeing a new wave of creators emerging on Reels—and you could be next!

S for @seedmob

The future belongs to young people, and from @gretathunberg to #BLM and beyond, we’ve seen the power of young voices organising change across our planet this year. @Seedmob is one of Australia’s leading youth collectives making waves on issues of Climate Change, environmental protection and human rights, with the wisdom and insight of an Indigenous Australian perspective. They’re one of many groups using Instagram to amplify their voices and create communities that advocate for a better future.

T for Tutorials

Learning a new skill became as easy as following the right Instagram account in 2020. During lockdown, we saw Aussie icons like chef @maggie_beer sharing cooking tutorials and WAFL player @tayla_harris posting workout tips. Everyday experts became top creators by sharing their knowledge—like home-cooked meals with @jessica_nguyen_, glam tips with @itsbybrandon or wine secrets with @thewineabout. Becoming a connoisseur isn’t easy – but with the help of some clued-up creators on Instagram, you too can master the tricks of any trade.

U for Unlikely Heroes

We famously love an underdog, and this year saw these unlikely heroes trending on Instagram. Locally loved heroes creating unforgettable Instagram moments, instant catchphrases, and the everyday comedic relief only an Aussie could really cackle about.

V for Virtual Art

Artists and art galleries have embraced online platforms to share their work this year, as our visual arts consumption is taking place more and more online. Opening up a world of possibilities, from Augmented and Virtual Reality art, to live gallery walk-throughs and virtual viewing rooms, digital collectives and so much more – we’re seeing a whole world of virtual art come alive on Instagram as we head into 2021.

W for #WFH

This year many of us needed to work from home, and Instagram became the place to share your experience. Whether it was for the first time or for a long time, we did our best to keep the creativity, the productivity, and the inspiration alive! As more Australians now embrace flexible work arrangements than ever before, we’ll keep sharing the set ups, the trials, the fails and the laughs along the way.

X for X-treme

From skate parks and dirt tracks, to the slopes and the big waves - Instagram has been the place for that thrill-seeker fix. Whether you’re planning your own extreme adventure or not, you can join the movement of #xtreme content and follow along with some of Australia’s favourite urban athletes.

90% of Australians are following a brand on Instagram, and savvy young business-owners are at the forefront of this social commerce revolution. For many new small businesses, Instagram is their website, their storefront, their sales desk, and everything in between. Combined with this year’s launch of the dedicated Shop tab, Instagram is the one-stop platform for young Aussies to turn their passion into a living.

Z for #ZeroWaste

This year, many of us considered how we could lessen our impact on the planet. The #zerowaste movement shares tips on how to change habits and find environmental alternatives, and it’s picking up steam in Australia with accounts and creators documenting their eco-friendly lifestyles and inspiring others to rethink their consumption.

BY: Instagram Business Team