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27 avril 2017

Get Ready, Summer's Around the Corner

PAR : Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer’s just months away. That means warm days, cool drinks and balmy vacations will soon be here. It also means millions of people will look to Instagram for inspiration on what to wear, connect with friends and businesses and discover new places to explore.

Instagrammers Love Summer

When it comes to engaging with posts that include summer related hashtags, Instagrammers are highly active—with 18-24 year olds making up the majority of the audience. And, of that, 66% of them are women. The top countries for summer related hashtags include Brazil, Australia, US, Italy, Germany and the UK. Globally, top summer hashtags included #summer, #summertime, #beach, #sun, #summervibes, #summer2017, #hot, #fun and #summerdays. 1

This audience is on Instagram seven days a week and is active six more days a month compared to the average global Instagrammer (28 days versus 22). They also watch twice as many videos on Instagram compared to the average global Instagrammer.1

But more than just getting inspired, they’re also having conversations. During the 2016 summer season in the US, top topics of conversations among Instagrammers were: Loved Ones (25%), Recreational Activities (23%), Health and Beauty (15%) and Travel (10%). The key moments on Instagram revolved around the big holidays of the season: Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. 2

And for Instagrammers interested in summer content, the conversation peaked at 1PM Pacific Time, with 51% of Instagrammers accessing the platform on iOS devices.

Businesses Love Summer, Too

Whether it’s highlighting what to eat or where to stay, businesses are reaching an engaged audience of Instagrammers who are looking to be inspired for their summer plans.

Businesses like, Corona, the Mexican beer brand, used the hashtag #ThisIsLiving, along with enticing photos showing bottles of Corona on the beach and in a hammock to celebrate nature and the outdoors. Running in Brazil and Mexico, the company inspired Instagrammers to reach for a Corona of their own.


Fast food and frozen treat franchise, Dairy Queen, wanted to increase awareness of its Upside Down or Free promotion and to increase sales of Blizzards—ultimately creating new lifelong fans in the process. To do this, the company used gravity-defying creative to get people craving Dairy Queen’s delicious frozen desserts. The campaign reached 20M people, had an 18-pt lift in ad recall among 25- to 34-year-olds, an 8-pt lift in awareness of the Upside Down or Free promotion and a 3-point lift in purchase intent.

Dairy Queen swim summer ad

In Australia, Qantas, used Instagram Stories to get the word out about AWOL, its branded content offering that inspires young Aussies to travel the world. By combining animation with sun-drenched vacation footage from alluring destinations, Qantas asked would-be travelers, Where are you going next?

Quantas summer ad

In addition to large businesses, smaller companies used Instagram to reach consumers with summer related creative. Sidway Swimwear is one of those businesses. Using Instagram as its main method for reaching consumers and, because swim is seasonal, the company spends months gearing up for summer.

Sidway swim summer ad
When we make an ad we use hashtags that have to do with more than swim, for example, things that fashion-driven women care about. Things that I care about, like #womanownedbusiness, #designedinLA and #InternationalWomensDay. Of course, we also use the more expected tags, #summer and #swimwear, but finding ways to leverage hashtags that are trending overall and integrate them with our line is key.
Sarah Sidway Godshaw, Founder and CEO, Sidway Swimwear
Spring Into Summer Planning

For businesses, participating in a summer trend or campaign is an easy way to keep in contact with people during the summer months, and is a great complement to other campaigns you run throughout the year.

The days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. What will you do to get people discovering your business this summer?

Want to learn about summer insights on Facebook, head over to Facebook IQ to see how Facebook users interact with summer content.

PAR : Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA