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December 20, 2019

New and Updated Tools for Businesses

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Millions of businesses big and small, use Instagram to connect with people, build lasting relationships and grow their communities. As connections grow, so does the need for a broader set of professional tools. With this in mind, we’ve recently launched new features to help businesses better-understand their community and better-control their presence on Instagram.

Growth Insights
Growth Insights

See which posts and stories are generating the most followers. This feature will also give you an aggregated view into follower changes by day or week. Visit our help center to learn how to access this feature and best practices.

Stories About You

Stories that mention your account from the past 24-hours are now aggregated for you to view as a story at the top of the Activity tab. Learn more about this feature by visiting our help center.

Profile Display options
Age Gating

You now have the ability to control who can see your Instagram profile and content by setting up a minimum age limit for your account. You can choose to set up a global default minimum age, or you can set up country-specific minimum ages to follow local policies. Visit our help center to learn more about age gating.

Flexible Profile Displays

Share the profile information that works best for your business. With this feature, you have the option to hide contact information and the business-category label on your profile. Learn how to edit your information in our help center.

Secondary Inbox

Make sure the messages that matter most to your business are seen. Organize your inbox with primary and general tabs and move messages between the 2 tabs with a simple swipe. Visit our help center and learn how to organize your messages.

No matter how your business uses Instagram, we’re committed to helping you connect with people through the things they love. Take advantage of these new features on your account and discover how they can help you reach your business goals. To learn more, check out our highlights on @instagramforbusiness.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA