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October 29, 2015

More Objectives. More Flexibility. More Ways to Advertise.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Over the last month, we’ve been busy launching even more ad products for businesses to use on Instagram. Now businesses around the globe can run ads easier than ever with the flexibility to drive more business objectives.

More ways to optimize ads

Businesses can now use Instagram ads to drive a wider range of objectives—from broader brand campaigns optimized for reach and frequency, to performance campaigns that drive website conversions.

Driving mass awareness is always a KPI we strive for however we also look for ways to do it while connecting with consumers. We feel Instagram is a platform that delivers on both. Now with the ability to buy against reach & frequency, we have the assurance that we can predictably and efficiently reach a high percentage of our target audience. As soon as it was available we jumped at the opportunity.
Jennifer Chan, VP, Digital Director, Horizon Media

By optimizing for reach & frequency, advertisers can manage the number of people they reach with their Instagram ads and how frequently the ads are shown. To make media planning and buying even easier, advertisers can also control the reach and frequency of campaigns across Instagram and Facebook.

We’re bullish on reach & frequency buying through Instagram. We’ve already seen strong demand and success on Instagram with brand advertisers given the engaging nature of the platform. It’s right up there with TV in terms of visual impact so running campaigns using apples-to-apples metrics makes a lot of sense.
Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C

In addition, performance advertisers can now optimize delivery of their ads to people who are most likely to take an action on their website—driving more efficient performance on Instagram, or for campaigns running across Facebook and Instagram. Our goal is to remove friction and give businesses the most bang for their advertising buck.

Better ways to tell a story

Since launching carousel ads in June, businesses have found unique and compelling ways to tell their brand story to help increase awareness and drive affinity. On average, Instagram carousel campaigns have performed better for ad recall than single photo campaigns, driving an additional 2.5 point lift in ad recall.1 Given the strong performance, we’re extending the ability to buy Instagram carousel ads through our self serve interfaces: the Ads API, Power Editor and Ads Manager. By opening up the way advertisers can buy, businesses of all sizes around the world now have more flexible targeting, call-to-action button options, and can customize their offsite links to help drive maximum return.

An Instagram carousel ad with call to actions

French retailer L'Occitane partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner, Make Me Reach, to run a carousel ad campaign that drove a 58% higher lift in conversion rate compared to their Instagram campaigns using single-photo link ads.

An Instagram carousel ad using 1 image cut in multiple ads

And the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority created their own carousel ads inspiring people to travel through vivid imagery that resonates with their target audience.

Easier ways to advertise

Now businesses have more ways to set up, run and track their ads. In addition to using the Ads API and Power Editor, businesses of all sizes can run ads using Facebook’s Ads Manager. Rolling out over the next few weeks, Ads Manager is the easiest way for small businesses to start running ads on Instagram.

We look forward to seeing the innovative work that comes from these new updates. We’re constantly looking for ways to help our business community drive the objectives that matter most to them.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA