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April 19, 2021

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Moving business outcomes with creators on Instagram

Influence is a powerful word. It’s genuine. It’s eternal. It creates powerful bonds of love between followers, creators, and brands. ‘Love Runs Deep’ highlights this bond by showcasing how effortlessly brands can become a part of this beautiful journey where creators and their followers meet. Brands can now use the power of authentic storytelling to talk to their customer base using the voice of creators on Instagram. This new way of advertising is not only authentic, impactful but also measurable for business outcomes.

1 billion

monthly active accounts on Instagram


users follow a business


users say they come to Instagram to interact with creators


Instagram users recognise brands on Instagram as being authentic

Love and connect at every stage of the consumer journey

From major brands to mom-and-pop shops, businesses around the world are moving business outcomes with Instagram. With branded content ads, advertisers can push full funnel objectives with creator partnerships on Instagram and ensure measurement too.


discover new products or services


research products or services


visited the brand’s website or app


made a purchase (on brand’s website or app, or in a store)

Brands that have moved business outcomes with Branded Content Ads on Instagram


Winning consumer hearts with moments marketing on Valentine’s Day

Close up, world’s first ever gel toothpaste brand, wanted to increase salience during Valentine’s day with their #freedomtolove campaign. For their moments marketing initiative, they worked together with creators to develop content that showcased their own personal stories of love beating conventional norms like age difference, unconventional lifestyle, etc. These powerful videos were then targeted to the age group 18-40 years, using branded content ads. The result was a massive creative breakthrough in one of the busiest advertising moments in the year which resulted in:

  • 4.4 pts1 lift in Ad Recall for the campaign
  • Ad Recall lift was driven by a 6.0 pts1 lift for Males
  • 6.6 pts1 lift among 18-24 year old, their core TG.

It’s great to see that Love Runs Deep has received a ton of positive engagement from people on a wide-reaching medium like Instagram. The audience did not only relate to the personal love stories shared by influencers but also extended their support to these couples on a public platform. The overall experience helped us generate much needed, authentic conversations around real stories and further amplify Closeup’s take on celebrating all kinds of love that is free from self-doubt and societal barriers.

Close up, Brand Team


Driving product adoption

Spotify, an audio streaming platform, wanted as many listeners as possible to experience their playlists. Through their #Listenwiththeworld campaign, they worked with creators to develop content that showcased how diverse playlists on Spotify inspire their work. This campaign ran for 30 days targeting the 18-65 years age group, and resulted in:

  • Lift of 1.8 pts in action intent2 among those who were exposed to the campaign
  • Using a combination of influencers & promotions on Instagram, Spotify gained a 23% lift in India DAUs3 on the Today's Top Hits playlist
  • 22% growth in playlist streams3

We combined the power of authentic influencer recommendations with the targeting options on Instagram on this campaign. It has helped rapidly build awareness in India for one of our global flagship playlists.

Neha Ahuja, Head of Marketing, Spotify India

Red Label

Evoking brand love over a cup of tea

Red Label, one of India’s largest selling tea brands, wanted to start conversation to make India more inclusive with their #letsunstereotypeIndia campaign. Diverse creators addressed different stereotypes they faced personally in conversational content targeted at females in the age group 25+ years. Five different assets tackling ageism, gender, mental wellbeing, language, etc resulted in an outstanding movement of:

  • 8.7 pts4 in Ad Recall
  • 3.8 pts4 lift in Message Recall
Swiggy Genie

Winning consumer mindshare for Genie

Swiggy Genie, a hyperlocal delivery service in India, wanted to showcase their product benefit, and so they worked with 5 creators for their campaign ‘Keep calm and let Swiggy Genie do the kaam’. Assets showcased how creators used the Genie service for everyday tasks like picking up a charger from a shop, getting their hot lunch picked up from home, etc. The campaign ran for 21 days targeting the 18-45 years age group and resulted in a significant brand lift in all top funnel metrics like:

  • 6.9 pts5 lift in Ad Recall
  • 3.6 pts5 lift in Top of Mind Awareness
  • 1.5 pts5 lift in Message Association.

The hyperlocal delivery category(apart from food delivery) is still fairly nascent in the country. We wanted to try and go the influencer route to showcase how Genie can be relevant in consumer lives, helping them with tasks such as picking up a charger that was left at a friend's house or buying things from the nearby supermarket. The highlight of working with influencers, was how authentically they looked at the role Genie played in their own lives and reflected that in the content they created. Content that comes from a place of authenticity and real experiences has the potential to stand out, which is what we worked towards, to build awareness for the brand.

Ishita Mehta, Senior Marketing Manager, Swiggy


Expanding geographic reach to find new customers

myBageecha , an emerging business from Ahmedabad, wanted to establish itself as a national brand with their first brand campaign on Instagram using celebrity creator Kareena Kapoor Khan. The content developed with the creator showcased 5 different plants that could be used for gifting during Diwali and received great traction. This campaign ran for 45 days targeting the 18-54 years age group and resulted in:

  • Reaching 14.7 Million6 people
  • 3.5 pts lift6 in Ad Recall

It was wonderful to work with the facebook team and Kareena Kapoor for the campaign Love Runs Deep. As a very well known celebrity, Kareena helped add a lot of credibility to our brand, and with Instagram's reach we could connect with a lot of people who were unaware of our brand in Metro as well as Tier 2 cities. In the long term we are very sure the added credibility to our brand will result in people trusting us with their garden and home decor requirements.

Saumitra Kabra, Co-founder, myBageecha

Spotify X Instagram Reels

60 Mn+ views on Holi, one of the top most consumed playlists on Spotify

Spotify partnered with Instagram Reels to host the biggest Reels Holi party with #SpotifywaaliHoli promoting their Holi special playlist. This initiative was targeted for impact for a few days around the festival. In an industry first, over 40+ creators went live with Branded Content Tag in their Reels promoting Spotify's Holi playlist and inviting the Instagram community to join in their virtual Reels party.This resulted in an impactful:

  • 60Mn7 views
  • Holi Ke Rang playlist ranked among the top 37 most consumed playlists on Spotify for the week.

Our reels campaign on Holi helped Spotify build contextual relevance and brand love during a major music consumption festival. With short video emerging as a format that dominates time-spent, there were many new learnings for us during this experiment to take forward.

Neha Ahuja, Head of Marketing, Spotify India

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA