Get paid in chat

clock imageSeptember 14, 2022

Each week, one billion people message a business across our apps—whether it’s chatting with brands, browsing products, asking for support or interacting with Instagram Reels.

We want to help people start conversations with businesses they care about and help them find and buy products they love in an easy, seamless experience. That’s why we’re introducing a new way to make a purchase on Instagram—right where you chat with your customers.

Now your business can accept payments in your Direct Messages. That means your customers can pay you without switching apps, giving them a more personalized and convenient shopping experience that can help drive sales and grow your business. There are no fees to accept payments in chat, and you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support if you need help. Watch the video to learn more:

There are two ways you can start accepting payments in chat for your Instagram business. (Note: This feature is currently only available to eligible sellers who use a Professional Account on the Instagram mobile app.)

  1. Visit your Instagram professional dashboard, and tap Get paid in chat. Get paid directly in chat
  2. Go to a Message with a customer and tap $.

Then enter your personal information and bank account details.

Now when a customer messages you about an item, you can request a payment from them directly in the chat. Their purchases are protected, and they can use Meta Pay to pay with a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

You’ll get paid once you send the product to your customer, and we don’t take a cut of your earnings.

As we look towards the next chapter of the internet and the metaverse, we’re looking forward to giving people more access to tools like payments in chat that will help to make people’s lives easier.

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