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24 May 2016

Instagram partners: helping businesses grow

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Late last year, we introduced the Instagram partner programme. With the addition of Instagram partners, advertisers can tap into a set of vetted experts to get help with driving business on Instagram. From setting up adverts, to managing a business' Instagram community and creating and sourcing content, Instagram partners help businesses in three key areas: advert tech, community management and content marketing. And today, we're pleased to announce a new speciality for the Instagram partner programme: media buying.

Partners in action

There are now more than 50 Instagram partners helping clients around the world. In the six months since we launched, we've seen success stories from various businesses with various goals. Film subscription viewing service Fandor wanted to run video adverts on Instagram to reinvigorate its brand amongst a specific demographic. Working with Instagram partner CitizenNet, they decided to widen the videos' reach by running adverts across Instagram and Facebook. Fandor created several videos, and CitizenNet set up the campaign, targeting and placement. At the end of the campaign, Fandor saw great results, getting nearly 60% more video views than it initially expected.

CitizenNet helped us drive the engagement and awareness we were hoping for. Instagram and CitizenNet will continue to play an important part for Fandor.
Albert Reinhardt, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Fandor
Get help from Instagram partners

And jewellery company Brilliant Earth worked with Instagram partner Kenshoo to retarget visitors to its website with personalised product adverts. Kenshoo helped set up new dynamic adverts on Instagram, uploading Brilliant Earth's entire product catalogue into Business Manager. This way, Brilliant Earth could automatically deliver adverts featuring multiple products that were related to ones that people were browsing on its site. As the campaign was running, Brilliant Earth saw people visiting 24% more pages at a 42% lower bounce rate compared to traditional retargeting channels.

Kenshoo helped us reconnect with our audience on a new platform and serve more personalised advert content based on user preferences. These adverts are resonating with our Instagram community, and they're engaging at stronger rates compared to our traditional retargeting channels.
Kristina Simonsen, Brilliant Earth
Create adverts on Instagram
Media buying partners

With the new media buying speciality, our expert partners SocialCode and Resolution Media can help you with Instagram advertising operations.

Being the first agency to earn the Instagram media buying badge will provide us with access to advanced education and support as we continue to innovate our specialised capability. We are especially excited about the additional benefits we can deliver for our clients, with greater access to Instagram product development teams, data specialists and innovation resources. These are critical assets as we continue to help our clients win in this increasingly important ecosystem.
George Manas, President Resolution Media

Our media buying partners are dedicated to helping businesses, both large and small, with market-leading media buying services to reach specific marketing objectives.

We're delighted to be designated by Facebook as both a technology and media partner for Instagram. The Instagram platform is driving a huge amount of sales and awareness for our brand partners. We're also excited about increasing the number of clients running campaigns across Instagram and Facebook with the same objective. Our brand partners are proving that combining the power of both networks drives consumer awareness, action and reach.
Laura O'Shaughnessy, Co-Founder and CEO, SocialCode

At the moment, the new media buying speciality is available in the US only, but will be expanded to new countries in the future.

If you need help with advertising on Instagram or managing your account, find an Instagram partner today. Or, if you're a developer interested in building Instagram tools or learning more about the partner programme and its criteria, review our requirements and developer documentation to learn more.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA