Instagram expands access to digital collectibles for businesses

clock imageAugust 4, 2022

Earlier this year, we introduced digital collectibles as a way for creators and collectors to share the NFTs that they created or own on Instagram. Today we’re excited to announce that businesses in more than 100 countries will have access to digital collectibles. So what does this mean for businesses on Instagram? Let’s dive into the metaverse, digital collectibles and some actions you can take right now.

First off, what is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a variety of digital spaces where you can connect with people, businesses and creators who aren't in the same physical space as you. In the metaverse, businesses and creators have the power to create digital goods that people can browse, buy, sell and trade, inspiring entirely new forms of commerce. While the metaverse is still in its infancy, technologies such as NFTs are already offering new ways to create value and connect with others, and we believe that even more opportunities will emerge as we continue to build for the future. Enter digital collectibles.

What are digital collectibles on Instagram?

Digital collectibles are unique digital items you can share on Instagram. They use blockchain technology as a record of ownership.

@windandwool post showcasing the Digital collectible tag and info screen

By enabling businesses around the world to share their NFTs on Instagram through our digital collectibles feature, businesses win with new pathways for creator connections and community building.

Brands can promote digital assets that unlock exclusive experiences for loyal customers, serve as a seal of authenticity for your products, serve as a means to support creators that align with your business and more.

Instagram has many opportunities to step into the metaverse and tapping into digital collectibles is one great way to position your business for success in the future.

How does my business get started with posting digital collectibles?

Maybe your business has created or issued NFTs that offer utility or value to your customers. Here’s your chance to show them off! Businesses can use digital collectibles as a means to merchandise an upcoming NFT collection. If you’ve partnered with creators to make unique digital works, you can also tag the artists or creators that you worked with to amplify and empower diverse voices and speak to a broader audience.

How else can my business start participating in the metaverse?

  1. Go live and communicate in real time with your customers. Live is one way to experience direct interaction with people and sell products in real-time so that your business is already accustomed to this kind of exchange when you move into Horizon face-to-face or avatar-to-avatar.
  2. Experiment with effects by creating an AR experience. Brands can create custom Instagram AR camera effects with our free tool, Spark AR Studio, and drive traffic to the effects using ads.
  3. Upload reels and showcase your brand’s creativity with short-form video. Experiment with mixed realities, music and stickers to create entertaining videos that inspire your audience and bring your brand stories to life.
  4. Create an avatar and be your own unique self in the metaverse. Your avatar could be a virtual spokesperson for your business, a digital influencer or a fun experiment. In the future, your avatar can be a virtual identity to show up across the metaverse and open the doorway to digital goods, as avatars will carry virtual objects with them along the way.

To learn more about digital collectibles, visit our help center.