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March 3, 2016

Using Instagram and Facebook to Reach Your Customers

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Instagram and Facebook let you reach customers where they spend their time. And that’s on mobile. In fact, one in five mobile minutes are spent on Instagram and Facebook together—more than the next 10 mobile platforms combined.1

So what does that mean to advertisers? By advertising across both platforms, you have more opportunity to reach your customers. When you select Instagram and Facebook for the same ad campaign, we’ll optimize delivery across their combined audience—which can make reaching your customers more efficient. Even more, running ads across both platforms together provides comparable or better performance for website clicks, website conversions, video views and mobile app installs compared to running ads on Instagram or Facebook mobile News Feed separately.2

Businesses around the world are already seeing results by running campaigns on Instagram and Facebook together. For example, MVMT Watches saw a 20% lower cost per conversion and cost per action when running Instagram and Facebook ads. The eCommerce business did one, quick set up in Facebook’s Ads Manager to advertise across both platforms—making sure Instagram was selected in the Ad Preview section. “We use Instagram as another placement on Facebook, not a separate channel, because it allows us to scale our campaigns quickly by reaching more of our targeted audience,” says Steven Dinelli, Ad Manager at MVMT Watches.

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Businesses are also seeing success driving installs of their mobile apps. In Brazil, men’s lifestyle brand Kanui ran a mobile app install campaign targeting men 18+ on Facebook. By adding Instagram to their Facebook ad set, they were able to see a similar cost per install, generating a 2.8x higher return on ad spend.3 “We were so pleased by the outcome of our ads on Instagram and Facebook that we’re changing all of our ad sets to run across both platforms going forward,” says Guilherme Becker, Performance Director at Kanui.

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To give advertisers even more flexibility running ads on Instagram and Facebook, they can choose to use the same photos and videos for both platforms, or select unique creative for their Instagram ads. In Canada, UGO Wallet , a mobile wallet app, ran a campaign across both Instagram and Facebook. They started their campaign using the same creative across both platforms. As the campaign went on, UGO decided to split Instagram and run separate creative for the platform. After the campaign wrapped up, UGO saw a 45% better cost per install on their joint campaign versus previous campaigns running on Facebook alone. “We’re always looking for the best way to reach our audience,” says Katharine Ashworth, Director of Marketing at UGO Mobile Solutions LP. “With Instagram and Facebook’s complementary audiences, we can reach people in the environment where they are most engaged in a single campaign.”

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram

As you can see, running placement optimized campaigns can help you reach more consumers more efficiently. Get started today by adding Instagram to your existing Facebook campaign, or starting a new campaign across both. For more information, watch these step-by-step videos on how to select multiple placements when setting up campaigns in Ads Manager and Power Editor, and how to report on your campaigns.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA