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July 28, 2016

Gearing Up for the Big Games

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

With the 2016 games just a week away, people around the world are getting ready to watch the Rio-based games. In fact, more than half of Instagrammers plan to follow the big games every day, and 80% plan on watching it at least once a week.1 Through a study conducted by market researcher Gfk, we found out Instagrammers will be doing more than just watching the games.

This year, more people will be consuming the events on mobile than ever before. Research shows that 52% of Instagrammers use a mobile device while watching sports on TV. And two-thirds of people in our community are likely to look for news, stories and content about the games on Instagram and Facebook.1

In addition to using a mobile device while watching sports, our community enjoys snacking. While watching sports, 60% consume drinks and 64% consume snacks.1 Knowing that Instagrammers interested in the big games visit the mobile app 10 times a day on average, advertisers—like official sponsor of the 2016 games, Skol—are capturing these thirsty viewers with campaigns on Instagram.2

To bring out the fun of the games, Skol decided to create its very own event delegation. Through a series of photo and video ads, the beer manufacturer is encouraging Brazilians to show off their fun nature and turn into “real athletes of fun.” It’s main video teaches people “How to Torcer” — or cheer up for the games in a fun, Skol way. Additional photo and boomerang video ads show popular Instagrammers playing How to Torcer. During the games, Skol will use its Instagram account to show the best community-generated Torcer content.

Advertising for events

With 83% of Instagrammers enthusiastic about the 2016 events, take advantage by sharing creative that plays off the games.1 Share content that reflects the events while aligning to your brand, products or services. Include a popular hashtag or two, like: #bomdia, #riodejaniero, #familia, #brasil, #rio and #felicidad.2 And, if you’re running games-specific ad campaigns, reach viewers by selecting specific targeting interests like 2016 summer olympics or olympic games.

Whether you’re thinking about running specific ads or simply content about the big games on your feed, with over 250 million Instagrammers tuning in this year, there’s no better time to get in on the action.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA