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September 8, 2016

Catwalk to Feed: Staying in Fashion with Instagram

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

This week kicks off Fall Fashion Week—first in New York, then in London, Milan and Paris. In honor of the fashionable month ahead, we wanted to better understand how our community interacts with all things fashion on Instagram. And here’s what we found.

Transforming an Industry

Instagram is changing the fashion industry, impacting how fashion is created, captured, shared and consumed. It’s also made the world a much smaller place—letting people discover trends and brands from the catwalks of New York Fashion Week to the boutiques of Milan.

Still imagery in its previous form was just too polished. What the audience couldn’t get from the fashion industry was access, and for the first time in history, Instagram has provided the viewer with a behind the scenes, real insider access to an industry that was previously closed to them.
Nicole Barclay, Global Head of Social at NET-A-PORTER

During Fashion Week this past spring, 42 million people had 280 million interactions related to either New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week throughout February. That compares to 25 million people and 140 million interactions in Feb 2015 on the platform total.1 With an all access pass, Instagrammers interested in fashion are seeing all the action—from the front row to the backstage.

How Fashionistas Use Instagram

People come to Instagram to be inspired and learn about emerging trends and styles while sharing their own style through photos and videos. Fashionistas on Instagram use the app an average of 23 times a day—which is 69% more than the average global Instagrammer.2

While Instagrammers interested in fashion use the platform seven days a week, every day of the month, they’re most active on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. And, the top cities interested in fashion include fashion hubs like: London, New York, Istanbul, Jakarta, Moscow, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Paris. While popular hashtags vary by country, some of the top universal hashtags fashionistas search for on Instagram include: #fashion, #style, #instafashion, #fashionista, #fashionblogger, #mensfashion, #outfit, #model, #stylish, #swag, #hair, #dress, #beauty, #shoes, #cute, #instadaily.

Advertising to the Fashion-Forward

For advertisers, running campaigns on Instagram is key for reaching this engaged, fashion-focused audience. Guillaume Gibault, CEO of Le Slip Français tells us.

A lot of people we talk to in our shops have discovered us through Instagram. It’s becoming a greater entry point for discovering brands.
Guillaume Gibault, CEO of Le Slip Français
Fashion week on Instagram 2016

More than discovery, Instagram is driving sales for fashion and beauty brands. In fact, 58% of website conversion campaigns saw a lift in online sales, 78% of mobile app install campaigns saw an increase in downloads, and 70% of ads eliciting a certain response—like in-store sales or customer sign-ups—saw action from the community.3

For instance, Shinesty—an intentionally outrageous fashion line—used dynamic ads on Instagram to increase website visits, online sales and repeat purchases by helping people quickly get to the products they had explored on its site. Through its eye-catching creative pulled from its product catalogue, the company saw a 3.57x return on ad spend—helping achieve a 14x year-over-year sales growth.

Create a carousel ad on Instagram
Instagram is a valuable engagement and acquisition channel for Shinesty. The combination of high quality ad units, specific objectives and great targeting enables us to strategically access various audiences and smartly scale our ad spend. The proof is in our year-over-year growth, which has been explosive. No other platform allows us to be as creative or effective.
Jens Nicolaysen, CMO at Shinesty

Instagram is a place where the fashion community comes to share and learn about the latest trends. With such an engaged audience looking for inspiration on fashion, beauty and what’s in vogue, Instagram is a place for fashion brands to make their beauty mark.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA