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November 21, 2017

Experience Luxury

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

Over 500 million accounts are now active on Instagram every day, and among the many passion-driven communities that thrive on it, lovers of luxury have made it the go-to destination to satisfy their appetite for the finer things in life. Experience Luxury looks at why Instagram is where people now go to discover a world of luxury and how it offers a perfect fit for the world’s most prestigious brands.

As a visual storytelling and discovery platform, Instagram allows brands to express their visual DNA in inspiring and unconventional ways. Evoking emotion through mutual interests and aesthetics allows brands to connect with disparate consumers.
Nikoloz Makhatadze, Group Director, Global Media at Tiffany & Co


The Power Of Stories

Instagram’s emphasis on visual storytelling makes it the perfect medium through which to share the world’s most sought-after products and experiences. With 300M accounts now using Instagram Stories every day, and 1/3 stories watched coming from businesses, luxury brands can harness the power of stories on Instagram to invite their most passionate audiences into their brand universe and inspire them to action.

The best way for luxury brands to inspire consumers has always been through storytelling. As Instagram is a visual storytelling platform, the link is a natural fit.
Tennille Kopiasz, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Parfums Christian Dior



58% of luxury lovers on Instagram rely on it to keep them in the know and up to date with all of the freshest looks and styles, with 49% of them following the brands on Instagram that they feel the closest connection to. This close following of trends turns into action for the 41% who use Instagram to discover sales and discounts on luxury items.1


Instagram’s precise demographic targeting gives advertisers the power to target their desired audiences to convert aspiration into awareness, and passion into sales—with a success rate that can be measured.

Discover for yourself how Porsche, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and many more luxury brands are using Stories to bring their audiences closer, and gain actionable tips and insights into successful Instagram advertising strategies. Download Experience Luxury on Instagram now

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA